Airport Master Plan

Concord Regional Airport Begins Master Plan Update

Put on your vision glasses!  The Concord Regional Airport is beginning the process of updating our Airport Master Plan which is a guiding document for the future needs and development at the airport. 

With the help of an FAA grant, Talbert, Bright, & Ellington has been hired to help the City of Concord work through the Master Plan update process following FAA guidelines to produce a report and updated documents and plans that the airport will use for future construction projects that occur at the airport.

On September 26th 2017, A vision session was held with a number of airport stakeholders to kick off the master plan update process. The update project is expected to take 18 months to fully complete and includes a number of items in addition to a Master Plan document. 

There are a number of input and comment sessions being planned for user and public input throughout the process. 


Records of all meetings and any additional documents created through the process will be posted on this page for easy access by the community and airport stakeholders.