Airport Security




All areas inside the fence at Concord Regional Airport are restricted security areas.  There are different security levels for different areas of the airport and each areas has specific requirements and authorization to access. For example, all airline passengers must be screened through the TSA checkpoint before boarding an aircraft and all employees must pass security training and background check before working at the airport un-escorted. Each based aircraft owner and those designated by the owner to have un-escorted access to the aircraft must have an Airport ID Badge issued to them that also requires successful completion of a TSA background check and security training before the badge can be issued.  



Everyone at the airport (visitors and employees) are asked to remain vigilant for suspicious activities and report anything to airport operations & security, Police, or TSA.




 Airport Badging


The first steps for obtaining a badge at Concord Regional Airport is to complete a Badge Request form and a Badge Application. 

These forms must be completed by the applicant and signed by their authorized signer.

The applicant must then submit the completed application with the required TSA ID documentation and work authorization and pay the badge processing fees.

A photo of the applicant will be taken in the badging office and the application will then be processed.

Once the applicants background check is completed and passed, the applicant will be assigned training that covers airport security, safety, and airport familiarization.  This training is done on-line by the applicant and knowledge is materials is demonstrated by successful passing of a on-line assessment. 

Once this process is complete, the applicant can schedule an appointment with the badging office to have the badge issued.



Authorized Signer

Concord Regional Airport requires an authorized signer be designated for each badge applicant entity (airport contractor, governmental entity, vendor, and lease/use agreement holder).

In the case of one aircraft with one owner, the City of Concord Aviation Director will authorize one badge for that individual.


Each agreement holder must designate at least one Authorized Signers for their organization to serve as a liaison between the airport and the company and authorize, keep track of, and assist each badge application / holder through the process.  This person must go through the badging process themselves and complete "Authorized Signer" training prior to authorizing badges for other members of their organization.

The two documents that are required as part of this process are Authorized Signer designation letter and a company compliance agreement. 

Those two documents must be submitted to the airport badging office with the badge application for the authorized signer initially.

If there are any changes to the company Authorized Signer, the documents must be resubmitted for the airport file. 




 Airport Security Fees

 Airport ID Badge Fees and Charges All individuals requiring unescorted access "inside the fence" at the airport must obtain an airport ID Badge for the areas they will be accessing. There are different badge types depending on the access required. Badge Application can be downloaded, filled out by the individual, signed by the designated "Authorized Signer" and delivered in person to the Airport administration office where individual will be required to show ID and pay appropriate badge fees. Most badges are good for two years except Construction Badges and Temporary Badges which are good for 12 months.

AOA Badge Fees

Initial background check fee $5.00

Initial Airport ID Badge Fee $10.00

Proximity card fee (for gate access) $10.00 (if required)


Annual badge fee $5.00 (ongoing TSA database pass through charge)

Annual Vehicle Decal Fee $12.00 (if required)

Badge Renewal Fee $5.00 (every 24 months)

Lost or Expired Badge fee $25.00

Replacement Badge Fee $25.00

Un-returned Badge fee $25.00

SIDA Badges (For Airline Operations Areas)

Initial fingerprint background check fee $50.00

Initial Airport ID Badge Fee $10.00

Proximity card fee (for gate access) $10.00 (if required)


Badge Renewal Fee $5.00 (every 24 months)

Annual badge fee $5.00 (ongoing TSA database pass through charge due on badge anniversary date)

Lost or Expired Badge fee $25.00

Replacement Badge Fee $25.00 (non-working/defective badge will be replaced free of charge withing 30 days after its been issued)

Un-returned Badge fee $250.00