Employee News


City of Concord Aviation Department Welcomes two new Airport Service Workers to Concord Regional Airport.


This July two new employees have joined the Aviation Department Team.  Welcome George Connor and Jeremy James!  We are excited to have them join our team.  They will be performing ramp and line services for our FBO customers and assisting with the safety, security, and maintenance  and operations of the airport.  




 Congratulations to all our CRA VIP Aviation Above and Beyond Winners:




     October:       Brandon Byerly

     November:   Chris Jaeck

     December:   Tracole Carr 




     January:       Tony Emerson

     February:     John Bridges

     March:          Tom Gantt

     April:            Steven Cates

     May:             Doug Howell

     June:            Christa Fox

     July:             Karen Miller

     August:        Jesus Alvarenga

     September:  Bill Sherrill

     October:       Ashley Patriarca

     November:   Valerie Speacht

     December:   Roger Griffin




     January:        No winner this month 

     February:      No winner this month 

     March:           Justin Moon    

     April:            No winner this month 

     May:              Tanya Staton

     June:             Darrell Burris

    July:               Richard Burris

    August:          Twanda Pickens

    September:    Trey Smith 

    October:         Chris Riley

    Nobember:     No winner this month 

    December:     Bill Sherrill




     January:      Travis Eudy

     February:    Katie Ashworth

     March:         Cheryl Ketrow

     April:           Molly Sherrill   

     May:            John Bridges

     June:           No winner this month 

     July:            Dannyle LaCourse

     August:        Chris Stone

     September:  Jessica Jones (Finance Department) 

     October:       Karaen McCall (Finance Department) 

     November:   No winner this month

     December:   David Abraham (Allegiant)  






Aviation Department Coworker "Above and Beyond Recognition" Program


Beginning in September 2010, CRA coworkers are being asked to nominate fellow coworkers for going “Above and Beyond” in customer service. Actions like the following would qualify for going above and beyond:  

      Treating customers and co-workers special;
     Treating customers and co-workers fairly and equally;
     Treating all customers and co-workers with respect;

     Showing concern and not giving up until a solution is found or a job is done;

     Making a positive impression and taking pride in their job;
     Handling situations in a timely manner;
     Being positive, friendly and a good listener;

Essentially, observing a coworker providing the kind of service that goes beyond what you would expect would qualify for an "Above and Beyond" nomination.


Nomination forms will be located on the board across from the employee time clock. Employees will be asked to explain in a few sentences on the nomination form why they are nominating their fellow coworker. Nomination forms will them be placed in a sealed envelope and dropped in the Airport Administration mailbox.


Towards the end of the month, all nomination forms submitted during that month will be reviewied by the Concord Regional Airport Customer Service Design Team and a winner will be voted on. The nomination recieving the most votes will be the “Above and Beyond” monthly winner for the next month.


The winner will be announced in the last staff meeting of each month and will receive the “CRA VIP” parking spot for the following month as well as a gift card. 






For Info on Job Openings, contact the City of Concord Human Resources Department at

(704) 920-JOBS (5627) or visit their page on this website.