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Aviation Director Rick Cloutier moving on to a new career opportunity. Susan Green named interim director beginning April 1, 2017.





Aviation Director Rick Cloutier announced to customers and staff that he will be moving on to a new opportunity and will be leaving Concord Regional Airport and the City at the end of March 2017. Rick has been the Aviation Director since August 2012 and led the diversification of Concord Regional Airport by adding scheduled commercial service to the airport that is now being used by the community and operating from a new commercial service facility.


City Manager Brian Hiatt announced that Aviation Administration and Properties Manager Susan Green will serve as interim aviation director. He said Assistant City Manager Merl Hamilton will be working closely with Susan to provide any assistance that she may need.   He also said he will be soliciting input from staff as the search for a new aviation director has begun and will be completed in the coming months. Mr. Hiatt commended staff for all they do and remaining committed to great customer service, both to our General Aviation customers and our new commercial patrons.



http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Kimberly Jenkins, John Bridges, George Connoer & Michael  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  
         Concern, Professional, Timeliness, Customer Focus, Take Ownership

Your whole staff was terrific this evening. I arrived in a Cessna 421-N5974M unannounced and greeted with wands as I pulled up. Kim at the front desk was warm and courteous. You have a terrific staff.



Aviation staff  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg   

         Professional, Timeliness, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Take Ownership
The Aviation Department hosted the City Manager's coworker and supervisor committee meetings this morning. In addition to providing the space, the team took it upon themselves to provide refreshments those in attendance, and also offered an opportunity for coworkers and supervisors to tour the airport and new commercial service facility after each meeting. Thanks for doing the "little things" to make a big difference!

Sergeant Tim Hartsell  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  
         Concern, Customer Focus

On Wednesday, November 9, 2016 Sergeant Tim Hartsell responded to the Allegiant Air ticket counter for an irate customer who was demanding to see a manager to file a complaint. This customer, who was recently married, was at our airport with her husband to fly out for their honeymoon. After checking their bags at the ticket counter the couple move to the TSA screening area where the husband passed through but she did not. There was an issue with several bottles of skin care products that were in her carry-on bag. The bottles were over the allowable size so she returned to the ticket counter to try and put those items in to her checked bag. She didn’t receive the service she expected from the Allegiant employee and the situation began to deteriorate from there. Sergeant Hartsell watched for a short while as this customer continued to wait for an Allegiant Air Manager. Tim quickly realized that if she continued on that course she was going to miss her flight. Tim took action, approached this customer and de-escalating the situation at the ticket counter. He then worked with the TSA employees to resolve the issue of the skin care products in her carry-on bag. They simply emptied out some of the contents of the bottles so that they complied with their standard. While this customer was working her way through the TSA screening Tim moved on to the boarding gate and spoke with the employee there. He explained what was going on so that the gate didn’t close before this customer could get on to her the flight. It’s because of Tim’s excellent customer service and his show of concern for this customer’s welfare that she was able to made it onto her flight and hopefully enjoy her honeymoon.



http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Katie Ashworth, Aviation  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
         Concern, Customer Focus, Take Ownership

On a 30 degree morning two customers for A & P come in (the two had left from Texas to come here). One of them was only wearing shorts and a t shirt so Katie went to the Lost & Found box and got the customer a jacket. He was very grateful and said no one had ever been so nice to him.



http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Bill Sherrill Aviation  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
         Concern, Professional, Timeliness, Teamwork, Take Ownership

Bill is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. On Saturday 11/12/16 the line was short handed and Bill offered to help with escorting pilots through a restricted gate, due to the maintenance of the regular gate. He offered his help despite the fact he was working on other projects that needed to be tended to on airport grounds.











Several of our Aviation Department Team members were recognized recently through the City of Concord "High 5 for Excellent Service" program by our customers and coworkers for going above and beyond in providing customer service.


If you experience great service from one of our team members, please let us know. Visit http://www.concordnc.gov/High5 to learn more or to nominate one of our employees. 


Cherie Jzar and Civic Education presenters at the airport included: Susan Green, Rob Walter, Travis Eudy, Norman Franklin, & Phillip Crook


  Cindy Moylan - Aviation 
         Concern, Professional, Customer Focus, Communication
I frequently stop by the airport and when Cindy is working she always has a smile and provides the utmost customer service to all. I also noticed she is extremely reliable and easy to work with.


  Cindy Moyan - Aviation 
         Concern, Professional, Customer Focus, Fair & Equitable
Cindy is always so helpful and cheerful.

   Line Folks - Green Team - Aviation     PUBLISHED
         Concern, Professional, Customer Focus, Teamwork
The line crew have been very helpful and quick in getting my AC online. They were very helpful.


  Bill Sherrill - Aviation 
  Concern, Professional, Customer Focus, Take Ownership
Even though Bill was getting ready to leave he stayed to help with a computer/printer problem that I was having which took a little while to solve.


  Tony Emerson - Aviation 
         Professional, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Fair & Equitable
Every time I see Tony he is in a good mood and has a smile on his face. It is obvious his co-workers enjoy his presence. He is very reliable and a dedicated team player.


  Katie Ashworth - Aviation
         Concern, Professional, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Fair & Equitable
While at the airport I occasionally see Katie. She is extremely hard working and always in an excellent mood.This is very refreshing since everyone is always in a hurry and demanding of the airport staff.


  Bradley Faggart - Aviation 
         Concern, Professional, Customer Focus, Communication, Fair & Equitable, Take Ownership
On February 21st at 1:00 an elderly man walked into the airport with his grandson. His grandson had a senior project to do to finish High School. Brad was so kind to show this teen around the airport while the teen took notes for his project. The grandparent was so grateful. Brad takes the time for our customers when time on the ramp is very limited.

  Katie Ashworth     Airport
Concern, Professional, Customer Focus, Communication, Teamwork, Fair & Equitable, Take Ownership
Katie noticed my son in law and grandchildren at the fence watching the airplanes land and take off. She rode the golf cart over and explained they could go through the airport to the bench and get a better view. She politely excused herself to take care of some planes. When traffic had slowed down she returned and gave them a tour of the grounds on the golf cart. They were able to see the hangers; watch loading and unloading! They were noticed by a pilot who invited them on board to tour the plane and sit in the cock pit. Katie went above and beyond. She didn’t know that they were my family, just that a family was interested in the planes. Needless to say my grandchildren (almost 5 years old and almost 3 years old) were delighted for the attention she gave them. Thanks so much Katie!


Katie Ashworth - Aviation 
         Customer Focus, Great Service
Katie made her daily run to pick up newspapers from the Hampton Inn. While in the lobby she noticed a woman's purse sitting unattended in the lobby area. She took the purse to the front desk where she and a staff member from the hotel looked inside in an attempt to locate a form of identification. At the same time the owner of the purse contacted the front desk inquiring about the lost item. The hotel informed the person that the purse was located by Katie and was at the front desk. The owner was very grateful and appreciative of the honesty of all involved.

  John Bridges - Aviation
         Concern, Professional, Customer Focus, Fair & Equitable, Take Ownership

John was very helpful in assisting us on one rainy afternoon. He brought a van to the plane to assist my husband and I with our luggage and took us to our car. Once there the car would not start so he jumped it to allow us to proceed on our way.


  John Bridges - Aviation 
         Concern, Professional, Customer Focus, Fair & Equitable, Take Ownership
John was very polite and courteous in assisting us with our luggage. He also refreshed the coffee pot and serviced the lav on the airplane. Excellent service.

Cheryle Ketrow - Aviation
Professional, Customer Focus
It was a crazy departure time for NASCAR and others. Cheryl's friendliness, efficiency and attitude was exceptional. Also all line service personnel did an excellent job.


Darrell Burris - Aviation
Timeliness, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Great Service
The line crew clocked in and noticed that the tow bar was broken. On his day off Darrell came to the airport to fix the equipment thus allowing us to accomplish our activities.


Travis Eudy - Aviation
Concern, Customer Focus, Take Ownership, Great Service
There was a family of 4 that came into the terminal that could not get their car started. Travis tried to jump start the car but it wouldn't work. With the couple having 2 small children Travis arraigned for them to borrow a car to go get a new battery.


Aviation Line Crew
Timeliness, Customer Focus, Teamwork
My PAX moved up my departure from noon to 10:00 am. This was the same time that Allegient arrived. Somehow they got me serviced in short order with short notice. Many thanks. Great reception, response and attitude.



Congratulations to Twanda Pickens, Tanya Staton, Glenn Massey, Danny Jacobs, and Rick Cloutier for being Selected as the “Shining STAR” recipients for the 2nd quarter of FY 14-15. They were chosen from the group of second quarter STAR recipients for the following act.


Due to a family situation, last Friday evening a woman from Tampa was dropped off at the airport terminal entrance.  She had a ticket for Sunday afternoon flight to go back home. She was in tears and had no money. As it was cold outside and her flight didn't leave for two days, the Aviation Department Customer service team had compassion for her and her situation and using their own money paid for a hotel night stay, provided food, and even printed out her boarding pass so she could remain comfortable, despite her unfortunate situation, until her flight departed that Sunday afternoon.


The group will be presented their awards at the upcoming City Council Meeting.









City of Concord Aviation Department Welcomes new team members to Concord Regional Airport.

Please welcome our new Aviation Dept employees to the Concord Regional Airport FBO Team. 


Michael Adjin-Tettey  

Will Boyton

Richard Hyde

Zach Hamilton

Jake Michael

Kylie Schulz

Jody Lowder

Barron Vaughan

Ty Finley


We are excited to have them join our team.





City of Concord Aviation Department Welcomes Aviation Supervisor Frank DeMorrow to Concord Regional Airport.


Frank will supervise our Maintenance, Line, & Customer Service Staff and will work flexible schedule to be on-site during busy times such as after a NASCAR race event when multiple team aircraft fly back to the airport within a few hours after the race.  





Aviation Department Coworker "Above and Beyond Recognition" Program


Our "Above and Beyond" Recognition Program began in September 2010 and ran through 2013 before the Aviation Department began participation in the City wide CSAT program.   CRA coworkers were asked to nominate fellow coworkers for going “Above and Beyond” in customer service. Actions like the following would qualify for going above and beyond:  

      Treating customers and co-workers special;
     Treating customers and co-workers fairly and equally;
     Treating all customers and co-workers with respect;

     Showing concern and not giving up until a solution is found or a job is done;

     Making a positive impression and taking pride in their job;
     Handling situations in a timely manner;
     Being positive, friendly and a good listener;

Essentially, observing a coworker providing the kind of service that goes beyond what you would expect would qualify for an "Above and Beyond" nomination.


Towards the end of the month, all nomination forms submitted during that month will be reviewed by the Concord Regional Airport Customer Service Design Team and a winner will be voted on. The nomination receiving the most votes will be the “Above and Beyond” monthly winner for the next month.


The winner will be announced each month and each winner will receive the “CRA VIP” parking spot (Temporary Unavailable) for the following month as well as a gift card. 




 Congratulations to all our CRA VIP Aviation Above and Beyond Winners:




     October:       Brandon Byerly

     November:   Chris Jaeck

     December:   Tracole Carr 




     January:       Tony Emerson

     February:     John Bridges

     March:          Tom Gantt

     April:            Steven Cates

     May:             Doug Howell

     June:            Christa Fox

     July:             Karen Miller

     August:        Jesus Alvarenga

     September:  Bill Sherrill

     October:       Ashley Patriarca

     November:   Valerie Speacht

     December:   Roger Griffin




     January:        No winner this month 

     February:      No winner this month 

     March:           Justin Moon    

     April:            No winner this month 

     May:              Tanya Staton

     June:             Darrell Burris

    July:               Richard Burris

    August:          Twanda Pickens

    September:    Trey Smith 

    October:         Chris Riley

    Nobember:     No winner this month 

    December:     Bill Sherrill




     January:      Travis Eudy

     February:    Katie Ashworth

     March:         Cheryl Ketrow

     April:           Molly Sherrill   

     May:            John Bridges

     June:           No winner this month 

     July:            Dannyle LaCourse

     August:        Chris Stone

     September:  Jessica Jones (Finance Department) 

     October:       Karaen McCall (Finance Department) 

     November:   No winner this month

     December:   David Abraham (Allegiant)  









For Info on Job Openings, contact the City of Concord Human Resources Department at

(704) 920-JOBS (5627) or visit their page on this website.