Aviation Fees

Aviation Fuel

The Concord Regional Airport has enhanced its volume discount fuel purchase program which will increase our Customer's savings on aviation fuel purchases.

Two additional volume tiers have been added for Avgas to increase savings up to .25 off per gallon and it becomes easier to receive a discount with some tier level lowered.

For Jet "A" fuel purchases, customers can now save up to $.30 off per gallon and fuel purchase tier levels have been lowered as well to make it easier to obtain a fuel discount.

Also, in appreciation of our based aircraft customers, we have raised the based customer fuel discount by an additional $.10 per gallon. 

For additional information on the new volume discount program, please speak to one of our Customer Service Specialists in the terminal lobby or call them at (704) 920-5900. Current Fuel Prices are posted on the airports home page.



Airport Fees and Charges


Attached is the Rates and Charges, approved by City Council, for the City of Concord Aviation Department.  This schedule covers most of the fees (excluding fuel, oil, and some contractual agreements) at the Concord Regional Airport. Fees for landing, parking, overnight hangaring, use of equipment or department services, rental of space, and commercial operating permits are listed in the schedule.


Airport Rates and Charges  Effective July 1, 2015,  Please click here to see the FY16 rate schedule.

Airport Rates and Charges  Effective July 1, 2014,  Please click here to see the rate schedule.






We also participate in Airnav's AIRBOSS Discount Program!