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Energy Depot


The Energy Conservation Calculator tool (Energy Depot) link may be a valuable resource available to Concord utility customers and is hosted by Enercom Inc.  Information presented is based on user inputs as well as accepted engineering calculations or assumptions.  Neither company, NOR CONCORD, make ANY claims concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information provided by the tool, and will not be held liable for any use of this information. Following the link below will direct you away from the City of Concord Website.


Energy Depot website   



Director of Concord Electric Systems
(704) 920-5301

Deputy Director of Electric Systems
(704) 920-5304

David A. Dobbins
Electrical Engineering Manager
(704) 920-5303

Supervisor, Electric Metering Systems
(704) 920-5316

Electric Overhead Operations Coordinator
(704) 920-5306

Electric Underground Operations Coordinator
(704) 920-5305

Jessica Viera-Atwell, GISP
Supervisor, GIS
(704) 920-5307

Special Projects Manager
(704) 920-5311

Coordinator, Substation Maint., SCADA and Peak Generation
(704) 920-5318

Brandon Moose
Safety Coordinator
(704) 920-5328