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The City of Concord offers the option of paying your current year real and personal property taxes online.  Would you like to pay your tax bill now?

The service below provides various ways to look up detail information about Real Estate Properties in the City of Concord, North Carolina, as recorded by the Tax Assessor.

Use the Search Tool provided below to begin your property search.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is the current tax rate?

A. $0.48 / $100 valuation.

Q. When are tax bills due?

A. September 1, however, bills are not delinquent until after January 5 of the following year.

Q. What is the penalty for delinquent payment?

A. 2% in January and 3/4% the first of each month thereafter.

Q. Do you have an after-hour depository & drive-thru for payments?

A. Currently, we have a depository & drive thru for utility payments only.

Q. Do I need my bill to make a payment?

A. It is recommended that you bring your bill when making payments in person, but a tax associate will assist you if circumstances prevent you from having your bill.


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