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Fire Station 6

Fire Station No. 6

Dedicated in 1995, Concord Fire Station No. 6 is located at Concord Regional Airport, 9101-B Aviation Blvd. Prior to October 2010, this station was unique in the fact that it had two distinct first due districts, a traditional engine company territory and the confines of the Concord Regional Airport for Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) responsibilities via the Blaze Unit. Blaze 1, and Blaze 2 are quartered in this station. Engine 6 was decommissioned and re-designated as Engine 10.

Specialty:  Airport for Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF)

Fire Station No. 6’s first due area includes the Concord Regional Airport. It a unique station as it functions for only aircraft safety with a single person company.

City of Concord Recognized Neighborhoods within Fire Station No. 6’s area include: None

In 2010 water proofing material was applied to the exterior of the station, and carpet was replaced with tile.


Blaze 1

Blaze 1


1987 Oshkosh T-12, 1800gpm ARFF unit with 3000 gallon tank.


Blaze 2

Blaze 2


1995 Ford/ E-One, 250 gpm ARFF unit  with 300 -gallon tank.



Ray Allen
Fire Chief

(704) 920-5516

Jacob Williams

Deputy Chief
(704) 920-5524

Todd Eury
Deputy Chief
(704) 920-5522

Kim Smith
Executive Assistant
(704) 920-5521

Sonya Bost

Administrative Assistant
(704) 920-5527

Travis McGaha
Administrative Assistant
(704) 920-5526

 Norman Franklin
Education Specialist
(704) 920-5529

 Jeffrey Bostian
Education Specialist
(704) 920-5538


(704) 920-5516

Fire Prevention Inspections/Investigations
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Emergency Management
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Training Division
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