Concord Police K-9 Unit


The Concord Police Department Canine Unit serves the department and community in several different areas. Each patrol district is assigned a Canine unit that works to assist patrol. The unit also performs several hundred public demonstrations throughout the year.

Our Canine Unit currently has five Canine Teams. Each canine is purchased from Europe and assigned to his or her new handler upon arrival to Concord. The new canine team is then placed into a 12-week training program here in Concord. The new handler goes through over 40 hours of classroom training, in addition to the many field-training hours. Once the training is complete, the new canine unit must pass a certification test before being released to Patrol Duties.

All canines are trained and tested in obedience, aggression control, tracking, building search, area search and narcotics detection. Each canine is assigned to one officer and stays with that officer throughout his career. When a canine retires, the officer/handler usually keeps the canine.   


If your school, agency, or company would like a K-9 demonstration, please call Officer Eugene Ramos at (704) 920-5000.