Police Department Directory


Alexander David alexandd@concordnc.gov Sergeant - David District
Almaguer-Hicks Yvonee almaguery@concordnc.gov Admin. Asst - Evidence
Anderson Curtis anderscr@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Charlie District
Arthur Todd arthurt@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID, East Division
Baggarly Jeremy baggarlj@concordnc.gov Sergeant - CID, Major Crimes
Banker Brandon bankerbk@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Barlowe Deckster barlowed@concordnc.gov Captain - David District
Barnhardt Marty barnhamd@concordnc.gov Officer - Public Safety Unit
Beaver Larissa beaverlc@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID, Major Crimes
Beeker Charlie beekercm@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID, East Division
Berg Kevin bergk@concordnc.gov Sergeant - CID, East Division
Billings Eric billingc@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Black Kristen blackk@concordnc.gov Customer Service Specialist
Blalock Tracy blalockt@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID, West Division
Boric Adis borica@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Bost Adam bosta@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Brock Chuck brockc@concordnc.gov Code Enforcement Officer
Brooks Lance brooksr@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Adam District
Brown Trey brownt@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Jones Christy burgincm@concordnc.gov Investigator - East Division
Callicutt David callicdg@concordnc.gov Officer -Patriots Elementary, SRO
Carlson Tim carlsont@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Carlton Phillip carltonp@concordnc.gov Sergeant - David District
Carpenter Chris carpentc@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Carroll Adam carrolam@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Caudell Derrick caudelld@concordnc.gov Code Enforcement Officer
Chastain Tony chastiat@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Chiarolanzio Adam chairola@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Childers Keith childerk@concordnc.gov Sergeant - David District
Clark VaShon clarkv@concordnc.gov Captain - Adam District
Clark Javon clarkj@concordnc.gov Officer- Public Safety Unit
Coble Mike coblem@concordnc.gov Code Enforcement Officer
Coe Christian   Officer - Baker District
Collins Jason collinsj@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Compton Jordan   Officer - Baker District
Corl Ryan corlcr@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Cox Joe    Officer - Baker District
Crayton John craytonj@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
 Cruse Tracy
  Officer - Baker District
Dailey Nichole daileyn@concordnc.gov Customer Service Specialist
D'Amore Dennis damored@concordnc.gov Officer - City Hall
Delgado Ytalo delgadoy@concordnc.gov Crime Analyst - Office of Management, Analysis & Planning

Dickens Bill dickensb@concordnc.gov Code Enforcement Officer
Ronald dorseyrm@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Dover Paul doverp@concordnc.gov  Officer - Charlie District
Drye Tammy dryet@concordnc.gov Officer - Cox Mill High, SRO District
Eschert Jason escherjs@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Eury Keith euryk@concordnc.gov Patrol Major - West Division
Ferrell Ron ferrellr@concordnc.gov Park Ranger - Public Safety Unit
Field Billie Jo fieldb@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Fink Maria carrilmd@concordnc.gov Officer -R Brown Mcallister, SRO
Fowler Randy fowlerr@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Baker District
Franklin Michael franklim@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Recruitment & Training
Friguglietti Chris friguglc@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Community Education
Garrett Samantha garrets@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
 Garrow Caleb   Officer - David District
Gonzalez Angel gonzaleza@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Gonzalez Ramon gonzaler@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Baker District
Gorman Chris gormancb@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Grasty Wes grastyj@concordnc.gov Officer - Carl Furr Elem., SRO
Greer Matthew greerm@concordnc.gov Sergeant - David District
Griffin Leslie griffinl@concordnc.gov Executive Assistant to Chief
Gue Nathan guen@concordnc.gov Officer - Central Cabarrus High, SRO
Hall Clay hallec@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Hamilton Stafford hamiltoj@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Hancock Michael hancockm@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Hartsell Marina hartsem@concordnc.gov Administrative Assistance - Evidence
   Parking Enforcement
Hartsell Tim hartselt@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Public Safety Unit
Haskins Jean haskinsj@concordnc.gov Customer Service Specialist
Hathcock Rhonda hathcocr@concordnc.gov Administrative Assistant -Administration
Hathcock Brian hathcoj@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Records
Hawkins Johnathon   Officer - David District
Hinson Skip hinsongi@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Charlie District
Hooper Darrell hooperr@concordnc.gov Sergeant - David District
Hopkins Gloria hopkinsg@concordnc.gov Administrative Assistant - CID
Hough Joseph houghjl@concordnc.gov Officer - JM Robinson High, SRO
Howell Jeff howelj@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Adam District
Hubbard Larry hubbardl@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Planning & Logistics
Hughes Jimmy hughesj@concordnc.gov Captain - Office of Management, Analysis & Planning
Hulse Ashley hulseae@concordnc.gov Officer - Forensics
Hutchinson Miranda hutchinm@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Jackson  Caleb
 Officer - Charlie District
Johnson Dorian   Officer - Charlie District
Johnson Nicole johnsony@concordnc.gov Officer - Wolf Meadow Elem., SRO
Kelly Brian kellys@concordnc.gov Sergeant - CID, West Division
Kennerly Brian kennerlb@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Charlie District
King Gregory kingg@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Kluttz Paul kluttzpm@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID
Landers Roger landersc@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Law Tracy lawtm@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Lawing Garron lawingg@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Ledwell Bobby ledwellr@concordnc.gov Captain - CID, Forensics & Vice
Lee Alan leej@concordnc.gov Captain - Support Services
Linker Angie linkera@concordnc.gov Officer - Center City Patrol
Lopez Michael lopezma@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
 Lowder Jonathon  

Officer - David District


Mangum Ryan mangumr@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Marckese Kenny marckekj@concordnc.gov Officer - Coletran Webb Elem., SRO
Maurer Gary maurergc@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Mayberry Amanda mayberay@concordnc.gov Officer - Irvin Elementary, SRO
McCain Willie  mccainwt@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
McClaskey Patrick mcclaskj@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Baker District
McCullough Renee mcculloughr@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
McGee Vance mcgeev@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
McGhee Cydney mcgheec@concordnc.gov Sergeant - CID
McGhee Todd mcghet@concordnc.gov Captain - Baker District
McLester Matthew mclestme@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Mearite Gary mearitgl@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID
Medlin Scott medlinsc@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Merritt, Jr. Patrick merritpt@concordnc.gov Investigator - Major Crimes
Miller Robert millerro@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Moerke Chris moerkecj@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Mullins Tim mullinst@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Myers Aaron myersc@concordnc.gov Officer - CID, ABC Violations
Nicely Bobby nicelyrm@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID, West Division
Nichols Matthew nicholsm@concordnc.gov Officer - Winkler Middle School, SRO
Olomua Rick olomuar@concordnc.gov Officer - Glenn Center, SRO
Page Dustin paged@concordnc.gov Officer - C.C. Griffin Middle, SRO
Parker Bradley parkerb@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Parker John parkerj@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Parker Tracy parkert@concordnc.gov Officer - J. N. Fries Middle, SRO
Patterson Joel pattersj@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Payne James paynej@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID, Major Crimes
Pena Elizabeth penae@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Perkins Aytch perkinah@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Charlie District
Phelps Brian phelpsba@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Pizzino Brian pizzinbl@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Plummer Blake plummerb@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Price Michael pricemr@concordnc.gov Officer - Pitts School Elem., SRO
Purser Tommy pursert@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Quinn Michael quinnms@concordnc.gov Officer - Concord High, SRO
Ramos Alejandro ramosa@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Ramos Gene ramose@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Rinehardt Gary rineharg@concordnc.gov Code Enforcement Officer
Ritchie Marty ritchieml@concordnc.gov Officer - Forensics
Rodriguez Luis Paul rodrigul@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Rodriguez Ricardo rodrigre@concordnc.gov Officer - Public Safety Unit
Ross Miranda rossm@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Rucker Larry ruckerl@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Rutledge Aaron  rutledga@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Sabanija Denan sabanijd@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Adam District
Sai Lindsey sailind@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Sanchez Fernando sanchezf@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID
Schiele Brian schieleb@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Forensics
Scott Matthew scottmd@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Seagraves Kelly seagrakl@concordnc.gov Officer-Concord Middle Sch., SRO
Shaylor Corey shaylorc@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Shaver Joshua shaverj@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Sherrill Brenda sherrilb@concordnc.gov Customer Service Specialist
Sherrill Molly sherrillm@concordnc.gov Customer Service Specialist
Shuffler Phillip shufflpn@concordnc.gov Officer - Weddington Hills Elem., SRO
Smith David smithd@concordnc.gov Sergeant - Baker District & Bike Patrol Coordinator
Smith Chris smithct@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID, Major Crimes
Stackenwalt Paul stackepr@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Stocks Betty stocksb@concordnc.gov Deputy Chief of Police, Administration
Summers McKenzie summersm@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Tierney Patrick tierneyp@concordnc.gov Captain - Special Operations
Tierney John tierneyj@concordnc.gov Captain - Charlie District
Tippett David tippetdw@concordnc.gov Officer - Charlie District
Turner Avery turneraj@concordnc.gov Investigator - CID, Forensics
Vandevoorde Anthony vandevaj@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Viniconis Michael viniconm@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
 Walters Greg   Code Enforcement Officer
Walker Candice walkerc@concordnc.gov Customer Service Specialist
Warren Trey warrenm@concordnc.gov Officer - Public Safety Unit
Watson Robert watsonr@concordnc.gov Code Enforcement Manager
Wilhelm Doug wilhelmd@concordnc.gov Patrol Major - West Division
Wilhoit Dustin wilhoidm@concordnc.gov Officer - David District
Wilke Barbara wilkebj@concordnc.gov Support Services
Wilkerson Lynn wilkerjl@concordnc.gov Telephone Reporting Unit
Willet Matthew willetmb@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District
Williams Steven williams@concordnc.gov Officer - Baker District
Zollars Steven zollarsp@concordnc.gov Officer - Adam District