Service improvements effective July 8, 2013 
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Call-in collection of appliances, bulky items, and e-waste is not required

Residential bulky waste collection every other week, starting July 5, 2016.

Beginning July 5, place bulky waste out for collection on the same day as recycling.

Bulky Waste includes all items that cannot fit inside curbside carts such as furniture, tires, equipment, appliances (white goods), and e-waste (anything with a circuit board, especially TVs and computers). 

  • Better use of tax dollars.  More efficient collection, reduced fuel consumption, and improved air quality. 
  • Your collection day will not change.  Recycling and bulky waste will be collected every other week according to the established blue/green zone schedule. Weekly garbage and yard waste collection continues unchanged.

The City of Concord offers curbside collection of accepted bulky items, old appliancesscrap metalused tires, and e-waste. All items must be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your regular collection day.

You may also call 704-920-5555 to report dead animals.

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS INCLUDE:  Gas and propane tanks, asbestos insulation, dirt, concrete, bricks and rock, dirt, stumps, any yard waste generated by commercial tree services, arborists or foresters and loose broken glass cannot be collected. Residents are responsible for larger quantities.


Bulky Items

Up to 10 cubic yards of bulky waste can be collected on your recycling day every other week. This includes any item that does not fit in your green cart, such as furniture, mattresses, carpeting (rolled and tied), and building materials.  This DOES NOT INCLUDE excess bags of garbage.

Bulky waste in quantities larger than 10 cubic yards (the amount of material that could be contained in 10 roll-out garbage containers) may be collected for an extra fee.  To schedule and pay for the delivery of a roll-off container for quantities larger than 10 cubic yards, call 704-920-5555.

The following items are unacceptable and will NOT be collected at the curb:

  • Hazardous Waste (undried paint, paint remover, solvents, gasoline, kerosene, pesticides, herbicides, motor oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, batteries, fluorescent tubes, and compact fluorescent bulbs)
  • Railroad Ties
  • Automobile Engines, Transmissions, Auto Body Parts (or other vehicle components)
  • Unsecured Glass
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • Dead Animals weighing over 100lbs. (Animals weighing less than 100lbs can be bagged and placed at the curb.  Larger animals must be disposed of by their owners.  Call 704.92.5555 for pick up.)
  • Drums (unless both ends are removed to verify no liquid or residue is present)
  • Dirt and Rocks
  • Brick, Block or Concrete
  • Stumps
  • Asbestos Insulation
  • Pallets


Used appliances are collected on your recycling day every other week. Examples are refrigerators, air conditioning units, stoves, dryers, dishwashers, water heaters, etc. These items must be placed at the curb, away from low overhead lines, parked cars, or other impediments.

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal items are collected on your recycling day every other week. Examples are items such as old bicycles, swing sets, toasters, lawnmowers, etc.  Please be sure all fluids are drained from equipment. Disassemble large items such as swing sets.

Used Tires

Up to eight used tires may be collected on your recycling day every week up to two times per year. Please call 704-920-5555 to schedule additional collections for a special fee. Tires must be removed from rims. Rims may be collected separately as a bulk metal item.


The City of Concord will collect e-waste on your recycling day every other week. Anything with a circuit board in it is considered e-waste and prohibited in landfills.  Examples included items such as televisions, computers, radios, VCRs, etc.


Residential Building Materials

Up to 4 cubic yards of building materials will be collected from each residence every other week, at no charge.  Larger quantities are subject to curbside collection for a fee or may be taken to the Cabarrus County Landfill on Irish Potato Road, Highway 49 Landfill at Highway 49 and Pharr Mill Road, or a private hauler may be contacted for removal. Loose items such as insulation, sheet rock and shingles must be contained in CLEAR bags or boxes weighing less than 35 pounds each. Carpet and padding should be rolled and tied and must not be longer than 6ft and must not weigh more than 75 pounds Items such as lumber (stacked, no longer than 6' in length and no nails), doors, plywood, windows (tape glass, please), floor covering, sheet rock, etc. may be scheduled for collection on your garbage day.


Dead Animals

Dead animals create a health hazard and should be disposed of quickly and properly. Please call 704-920-5555 to report a dead animal.