Residential garbage collection

Your garbage is now picked up faster and more efficiently using fully automated trucks.  This improvement saves money and helps the environment by reducing the amount of trucks driving around the City every day.


Remember only non-recyclable and non-hazardous items should go in your green roll-out cart.  Place bulky items, appliances and e-waste at the curb by 6am on your collection day so it can be located for collection. 

Tips for a successful pickup:

  • On your scheduled pickup day each week, place your carts curbside, but not in the street.
  • The cart's wheels should be pointed away from the street (towards your house).
  • If you live on a street without a curb, place them roadside 2 to 3 feet from the edge of pavement.
  • Place each cart 2 feet apart, and 2 feet away from parked cars, mailboxes, fire hydrants, etc.


Make a commitment to reduce the amount of waste you produce (purchasing only items you need or will consume, and composting when possible), become an avid recycler (with even more items to recycle!), and reuse items that are still functional (be creative and find new uses, or pass them along to others). It’s an easy commitment that makes a world of difference!