Residential Yard Waste

The City of Concord collects all types of yard wastes. However, much of this material can be managed at home and beneficially reused by the resident. Utilization of mulching mowers for grass clippings and compost piles for leaves will yield healthier lawns, shrubs and gardens.

If you do not wish to manage your own yard waste, the City will collect the material on your normal refuse collection day.

  • Brush and other trimmings should be stacked neatly next to the curb and should not obstruct the sidewalk or block storm drains.
  • Branches and shrub trimmings should not exceed six feet in length and should be less than 12-inches in diameter, and leaves shall be placed in un-tied clear plastic or un-tied paper bio-degradable bags weighing less than 35 pounds each.  Bagged materials are collected weekly on the scheduled waste collection day.
  • Grass clippings, leaves, and tree or shrubbery trimmings less than 12-inches in length must be placed in untied, clear plastic or biodegradable paper bags weighing less than 35 pounds. No dark or opaque plastic bags are permitted.
  • Personal containers (recommend 42 gallon max. size) with handles, clearly marked “Yard Waste Only” and weighing less than 35 pounds when full may be used. The City is not responsible for missing, stolen or damaged containers.  
  • Professional tree service and landscape contractors are responsible for the removal and disposal of all waste they generate.  The householder is required to pay the City for removing contractor generated materials at established fees.
  • Un-bagged loose leaves are ONLY collected according to the published loose leaf collection schedule.  Loose leaves placed at the curb before or after leaf collection season are a violation of City code and are subject to Code Enforcement and removal penalties of $150 or more. 

Collection schedules are disseminated annually through direct mailers and newspaper articles. Due to volume and logistical challenges, loose leaves are normally collected from each area every 3-4 weeks. Bagged leaves are collected on a weekly basis on the same day as your garbage.  Please see the Solid Waste Downloads section at the right of the page to download and view the Holiday Collection Schedule, as your collection day is subject to temporary change due to holiday operations.

Christmas trees are collected on the same day as your normal trash. Please remove all garland, lights, ornaments, tinsel and the stand prior to placing the tree on the curb.


Where to find the right bags


Clear and Paper bag Retailers
 Business  Address (Telephone)
 Types of bags
(size, count, price)

1000 Concord Pkwy N
Concord, NC (704.720.9000)

Clear plastic bags:
55gal., 40ct. $12.98
39gal., 32ct. $9.98
45gal., 30ct. $9.98

Paper bags:

 Home Depot 3313 Cloverleaf Pkwy.
Kannapolis, NC (704.786.8300)

Clear plastic bags:
13gal., 55ct. $9.99
55gal., 60ct. #16.58

Paper bags:

 Hickory Grove
True Value

 775 Concord Pkwy. N
Concord, NC (704.786.8195)


Clear plastic bags:
33gal., 120ct. $18.99
55gal., 60ct. $16.58

Paper bags:
30gal., 5ct. $2.99

Food Lion 860 Union St. S.
Concord, NC (704.782.3166)

Clear plastic bags:
?gal., 10ct. $3.89

Paper bags:

Walmart 2420 Supercenter Dr., NE
Kannapolis, NC (704.792.9800)

Clear bags:
33gal., 50ct. $7.24
13gal., 115ct. $7.18
13gal., 100ct. $7.24
13gal., 45ct. $6.68

Paper bags: