What more can I do? 

Use Less & Buy Less
• Choose products with fewer layers of packaging.
• Choose items in smaller packages like concentrated juice, soup or soap.
• Buy only the food you’ll eat, and eat it before you buy more.
• Keep your old stuff so you need less new stuff.
• Take good care of your stuff so it lasts.
• Replace parts, not products. (Is it a faster computer you need, or a faster processor?)
• Enjoy magazines, newspapers and books at the library or online.

Sometimes as much as half the cost of an item pays for packaging.

• Take unwanted items to a charity or resale shop

• Bring your own reusable bag, mug and water bottle.
• Reuse containers for leftovers, packing lunch and organization.
• Eat leftovers, or freeze them to eat later.
• Make double-sided copies and printouts and use single-sided printouts for notes.
• Reuse packing peanuts, air pockets and bubble wrap OR take them to your local UPS store for reuse.
• Refill ink and toner cartridges.
• Have a yard sale.
• Wear hand-me-downs.
• Use cloth napkins and reusable dinnerware, cups and cutlery.
Let Stuff Rot!  Let Mother Nature do her thing!
• Leave grass clippings on the lawn,  mow over leaves and leave both on the lawn to decay naturally and replinish the soil with nutrients.
• Compost yard materials and kitchen scraps