Fast Facts

City –Maintained Streets: 347.96 miles

City-Maintained Sidewalks: 254.08 miles

City-Maintained Bridges: 16

City-Maintained Curb and Gutter: 471.93 miles


 The City currently resurfaces approximately 10 miles of street per year.

 Resurfacing costs an average of $68,000 per mile.

 The City repairs an average of 100 potholes per year.

 Repairing a street area about the size of a parking space costs about $160.

 New sidewalks cost approximately $25 per foot; repairing damaged sidewalks costs about $70 per sq. yard.

 New curbs and gutters cost approximately $40 per foot.

 Installing a handicap ramp at an existing curb costs about $1,200.

 The City has over 12,400 street signs.

 The City maintains 106 signalized intersections.

 Enhanced (Horizontal Bar Type) Pedestrian crosswalks cost approximately $1,400.