Concord Police Department Community Based Policing

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Community Based Policing

For Concord Police Department, Community Based Policing is a philosophy and not just another program. In other words, all coworkers must be involved in fighting crime and the fear of crime in our community. This approach is recognized throughout the international police profession as the preferred way to police.

Concord's Community Based Policing approach involves three approaches that integrate into our philosophy. The first is taking a proactive approach to crime and the fear of crime by developing strong community partnerships. Beginning September 01, 2001, Concord Patrol Officers were assigned to work the same area each tour of duty as much as possible. Also, during this time, all community meetings began being attended by officers. This includes command staff and line officers.

The second part of our philosophy is active, formalized problem solving. After extensive training, this problem solving began January 01, 2002. These projects involve officers identifying a problem particular to a neighborhood and using a formalized process to solve the problems. The process is referred to as SARA (scanning, analysis, response and assessment). Each of these projects is designed to reduce calls for service (crime). These 80 projects include speeding problems; disorder issues (noise, trash, etc.) drug use, armed robbery, etc.

The third component is accountability. This requires officers and commanders to be accountable for crime and disorder issues in the neighborhoods they police.


Domestic Violence Resources - CVAN - Cabarrus Victims Assistance Network 


Homeland Security Victim Notification Program


Updates and information

The Concord Police Department is pleased to announce its "Police to Citizen" website (P2C).

The P2C allows you to retrieve and print incident and accident reports from the web and to view and map recent activities and arrests all for free. To begin, go to

Public Fingerprints

You may have your fingerprints done at police headquarters, 41 Cabarrus Ave. West, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:30 am - 11:30 am or 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm. The cost is $10 for one set, $15 for two sets and $20 for three sets.


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How to Start A Neighborhood Watch Organization


For important information on Identity Theft, please visit the Federal trade Commission's Identity Theft Site.



Be Alert!
Keep Vaulables Secure & Out of Sight
Lock Your Vehicle


Prostitution Investigation Online Photos

The City of Concord Police Department conducted a prostitution investigation.
This link provides the ladies who were arrested for prostitution and the men/citizens arrested
for soliciting undercover female police officers.

Suspects Lineup Photos


Report a crime

To Report A Crime please contact communications at (704) 920-5580.  Call 911 for an emergency.


Most Wanted

Do your part as a citizen and check out the Most Wanted criminals in your area. If you see any of the criminals that are featured, call the Concord Police Department immediately at (704) 920-5000. Do not attempt to confront them yourself!

City of Concord's Most Wanted

FBI's Most Wanted


Megan’s Law

Since the implementation of Megan’s Law, police departments have access to sex offender information and photos through the Megan’s Law CD-ROM. The Department of Justice updates the CD-ROM every three months. The information on the CD-ROM can be used to help identify those offenders that are out of compliance with their annual registration requirements. For many sex registrants, failure to register annually is now a felony offense.

Megan's Law lets you see the list of sex offenders in your state.  Visit the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry.