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Message from the Chief of Police

Welcome to the City of Concord Police Department website. I hope you  find it informative and helpful. 

The Concord Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency that covers 60 square miles and serves a resident population of over 85,000 people.  The department is comprised of 170 law enforcement officers and approximately 40 civilian coworkers who are dedicated to a culture of excellence. 

The growing City of Concord is home to its own regional airport, the Concord Mills Mall with over 200 stores and over 17 million visitors annually, and the Charlotte Motor Speedway and ZMAX Dragway among other attractions.

The Concord Police Department is committed to community policing through the use of evidence-based, problem- oriented, and data driven strategies.  We recognize that public safety is not achieved in a vacuum.  Our success is largely dependent upon developing and maintaining strong partnerships with an engaged community. The Concord Police Department is therefore committed to: being respectful, transparent and accountable to the public; engaging in ethical and professional standards of conduct; achieving positive results; and continuous improvement in order to exceed the community's expectations and better serve the citizens, visitors, and businesses of Concord.

The City of Concord and Concord Police Department have a long and distinguished history.  It is an extreme honor and privilege to serve as Chief of Police and for my family and I to be members of such a great community.  Thank you for visiting our website and stay safe!

Gary J. Gacek

Chief of Police




Important Information

Concord Police Department ~ "Police to Citizen" website (P2C).

The P2C allows you to retrieve and print incident and accident reports from the web and to view and map recent activities and arrests all for free. To begin, go to

Public Fingerprints

You may have your fingerprints done at police headquarters, 41 Cabarrus Ave. West, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:30 am - 11:30 am or 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm. The cost is $10 for one set, $15 for two sets and $20 for three sets.


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How to Start A Neighborhood Watch Organization


For important information on Identity Theft, please visit the Federal trade Commission's Identity Theft Site.



Be Alert!
Keep Vaulables Secure & Out of Sight
Lock Your Vehicle



Report a crime

To Report A Crime please contact communications at (704) 920-5580.  Call 911 for an emergency.


Most Wanted

Do your part as a citizen and check out the Most Wanted criminals in your area. If you see any of the criminals that are featured, call the Concord Police Department immediately at (704) 920-5000. Do not attempt to confront them yourself!

City of Concord's Most Wanted

FBI's Most Wanted


Megan’s Law

Since the implementation of Megan’s Law, police departments have access to sex offender information and photos through the Megan’s Law CD-ROM. The Department of Justice updates the CD-ROM every three months. The information on the CD-ROM can be used to help identify those offenders that are out of compliance with their annual registration requirements. For many sex registrants, failure to register annually is now a felony offense. Megan's Law allows you see the list of sex offenders in your state.  Visit the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry.