Waste Water Resources

    For Emergencies, Please dial 704-920-5555.   


Some facts about the City of Concord's Wastewater Department:

  • Maintains over 540 miles of gravity main and 12.5 miles of force main
  • Rehabs and re-lines gravity main and manholes
  • Clears right-of-way and easements
  • Maintains 24 pump stations
  • Management and Support Staff of 16
  • Opertations Staff of 27


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Code of Ordinances

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Annual Wastewater Report

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Mark Varnadore, Wastewater Superintendent, (704) 920-5353

Josh Legg, Systems Compliance Officer, (704) 920-5352

We at the City of Concord Wastewater Department are committed to providing our community with a safe, efficient, regional sewer system. At the same time, we protect our water quality, supplement our limited water supply and meet federal standards at the lowest possible cost. Through state-of-the-art facilities, the City is a leader in maximizing the conservation of water and energy as part of the wastewater treatment process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does the City's maintenance responsibility end?

A. The City only maintains the sewer main and service lateral within the public right-of-way. All maintenance outside the public right-of-way is the property owner's responsibility.

Q. Can I apply for sewer only?

A. No. The sewer is billed based on water meter readings. If water is available, a customer must have water and sewer service. Flat rate sewer can be obtained only if water is not available or until water is available.