Youth Council

 2018-2019 Youth Council Application!!



2017 City of Concord Youth Council Executive Board: President, Brea Reed; Vice President, Kelsey Mosshart; Secretary, Javon Davis; Finance Chair, Nandika Komirisetti; Program/Mentor Chair, Christyna Reagan; Social Chair, Shania Mastan. 

Advisors are Taylor Morris, Parks & Recreation Program Supervisor, Montana Maurer, Recreation Program Specialist, Weston Lawrence, Recreation Program Specialist and Ron Ferrell, Concord Police Officer.

Youth Council Events (2017-18)

 Toddler Trails

Volunteers assisted instructors on short trail journeys as children ages 18 months to 4 years old sung songs, played in the mud, created art on the trees and more. Volunteers: Shaista, Chance, Shania, Varun, Carly, Giuliana, Nandika & Rishi.
Chairs: Allyson Finley & Carter Wiseman.

Little Discers

YC members assisted an instructor and participants in the playing of disc golf and other frisbee games. Volunteers: Kelsey, McKayla W, Shaista, Dorian & Mackenzie.
Chair: Lauren Neely

Cooking Around the World

Classes were for ages 6-12 & 13-17. YC members acted as assistant chefs to the participants. Each class was a different theme focusing on dishes from different cultures. We did tacos and salsas for Mexican Madness, Pizzas for Buon Appetito, and stir fry dishes for Asian Fusion. Volunteers:  Allyson, Fiona, Bella, Nandika, Shania, Javon, Mackenzie, Priyanka, Aarushi, Kylie & Daijah
Chair: Allyson Finley

Big Books Little Cooks

YC members joined the fun of cooking with toddlers and their parents. Each program highlighted a different book: "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, And The Big Hungry Bear", "Green Eggs And Ham", and "If You Give A Pig A Pancake." Each book represented a fun selection of food crafts and activities for the kids. Volunteers: Fiona, Dorian, Giuliana, Varun, Terra & Nandika
Chairs: Aarushi Thakur & Allyson Finley

Pin Splitters

YC members had the great honor of assisting in a bowling league hosted by Concord Parks & Recreation for individuals with special needs. The participants would play, cheer each other on and joke with the members. The members assisted in setting up the lanes and cheering on all the players. Volunteers: McKayla W, Shaista, Jake B, Carter, Kendal, Fiona, Dorian, Karthik, Neha, Ashling & Ben
Chairs: Harshita Gudipudi & Lucas Plott

Silly Summer Days

YC members assisted with fun-filled, themed activities including tie dye, water wars, relays and a wacky watermelon day. Each day was themed specific to its activities. All volunteers participated along with setting up and breaking down. Volunteers: Nandika, Daijah, Shaista,   Javon, Carter, Emily H, Fiona, Bella, Rohit, Reagan, Dorian & Kelsey.
Chairs: Piper Borras & Allyson Finley

Library Line Up

Volunteers led theme specific activities surrounding the Library's summer reading program. We played planet favorite games with the Planetary Playground day, we built vehicles and tested their abilities during the Recycled Racers Rally, and we made creatures that lived in biodome planets during the Fantasy Worlds day. Participants ranged from ages 6 to 12 at each event. Volunteers: Allyson, Terra, Mackenzie, Katelynn, Sreya, Rohit, Neha, Ashling, Allyson, Emily H & Shaista
Chair: Makayla Poindexter

Greenway Adventures

One of our favorite annual programs continued this summer as members helped children discovery the fun in nature. We built communities with forest materials, played with our muddy buddies, followed the water cycle making bracelets an played as forest fairies in along our majestic Greenway. Volunteers: Brianna, Brea, Chance, Karthik, Giuliana, Dorian & Varun.
Chairs: Allyson Finley & Piper Borras

Zumba Latina Master Class & ZumbaFest 2

YC volunteers hosted a kids' area during the two Zumba events. Children played a variety of outdoor games and danced along to the music. Volunteers: Terra, Ben, Javon, Brandon, Brea, Carly, Chance & Rishabh
Chair: Kylie Morin

Princesses & Knights

Traveling back in time, members and kids ages 2-5 transformed into princesses and knights. Each day we read stories, played games and dressed up in different Medeival attire. Volunteers: Allyson, Harshita, McKayla W, David, Emily H, Shaista & Daijah
Chair: Aarushi

 Animal Adventures

Volunteers assisted with safaris filled with activities and crafts surrounding the wild animals of Africa, forests and farms. Volunteers:  Allyson, Amelia, Audrey, Brea, Jake K, Priyanka & Shania
Chair: Piper

Wildlife Explorers

 YC volunteers assisted participants on guided wilderness expeditions at McGee Park. Each day focused on different species and habitats paired with activities and crafts. Volunteers: Allyson, Daijah, Dorian, Giuliana, Jake B, Mitchell & Molly
Chair: Mckayla B

Wilderness Survival

Participants ages 8-12 were set out to learn basic skills of wilderness survival. Volunteers assisted with activities and crafts paired with each day's theme. Volunteers: Allyson, Carter, Chance, Fiona & Shaista
Chair: Piper

Fish Tales

This awesome minicamp was designed to teach the basic skills of fishing in freshwater, along with learning the other many ways to fish. YC volunteers assisted with casting, Carolina Rig setups, kick net fishing and a day on Lake Fisher. Volunteers: Allyson, Brea & Chance
Chairs: Javon & Amelia

Pickleball Mini Camp

 YC volunteers had the pleasure of learning and assisting in the game of Pickleball, instructed by local Pickleball Ambassadors. Volunteers assisted with participants in playing the game, equipment control and basics. Volunteers: Chase, Giuliana, Karthik, Kelsey, Shania & Varun
Chair: Javon

 Bikes & Trikes Rodeo

YC volunteers led children's activities and crafts along with the Bike Patrol Police officers bicycle course, and Fire & Life Safety's helmet distribution. Volunteers hosted the first Archery Attack target shoot and cool bike jewelry crafts with games played throughout. Volunteers:  Allyson, Daijah, Giuliana, Rishi, Rohit & Varun
Chair: Tyler

SOL! Summer Celebration

Parks & Recreation celebrated the kickoff to summer programs and events with a showcase of what was to come. YC volunteers assisted with arts & crafts, dance activities, Archery Attack shooting range, disc golf and casting opportunities, a costume area and offered hot dogs and baked goods as a fundraiser for the upcoming year. Volunteers:  Allyson, Anna, Carly, Giuliana, Jake B, Katelynn, Reagan, Rebekah N, Rohit & Varun
Chairs: Kelsey & Kylie

Streetlight 5K & Frolic

YC volunteers hosted an arts & crafts tent painting repurposed planets, bubble stations, an Archery Attack target shootout and dancing with the band. Volunteers were also spread along the 5K course as course marshals keeping runners on the correct path throughout the race. Volunteers:  Allyson, Carly, Daijah, Kendal, Rebecca I & Terra
Chairs: Carter & Tyler

Get Your Glow On

This event was created to highlight fun opportunities for the summer and upcoming programs that were converted into glow activities. Volunteers led Archery Attack, Pickleball & Gaga Dodgeball games, as well as dancing and glow inspired crafts at Dorton Park. YC volunteers also cooked hot dogs and baked goods for a fundraiser kicking off the upcoming year. Volunteers: Aarushi, Adrian, Allyson, Betsy, Brea, Chance, Dorian, Harshita, Jake K, Katelynn, Mackenzie, Shania & Varun
Chair: Rebecca I