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Jul 22

City Hall Blog
7/22/2009 12:13 PM 

Did you know that there are development ordinances that regulate the signage you can place in front of your business, home, and offsite and that you may need a permit? There are requirements for the size, height, and placement of certain signs.
Why do you need to know about the Sign Ordinace? Any prohibited signs, signs without permits, signs installed/placed on public property or within the public right-of-way will be confiscated. The costs associated with the removal and disposal are then passed onto the person or owner who placed the sign in that location. Additionally, if you do not receive proper permits, you could receive a fine. Why do you need a permit? The City of Concord has limits on sign size and placement for the protection of motorist, improvement of pedestrian safety and to make sure signs do not effect nearby public and private property. The permit process allows City staff the ability work with citizens to make sure their signs are okay before they are purchased and installed.
Not all types of signage are permitted in the City of Concord. The following are prohibited;signs which try to replicate official highway signs, warning signs or a regulatory device, wrap around signs, portable signs, and electronic signs that blink or flash with animation, moving parts or lights unless previously approved. Signs attached to or painted on utility poles, telephone poles, trees, parking meters, bridges and overpasses, benches, and refuse containers are prohibited as are roof signs! Also included are signs in the form of a pennant, ribbon, streamers, festoon lighting, balloons, or spinners.
So what kind of signs can I have? Simple! The allowable permanent signage varies per zoning district – Call the Development Services Department and chat with a staff member to learn more (704) 920-5152. Temporary special event signs for public, quasi-public or non-profit organization or recognized neighborhoods are allowed with specific regulations and do not require a permit as long as they meet the Sign Ordinance standards.
What does this mean? Scheduled events such as a rummage or bake sale are okay but cannot be in place longer than 72 hours and are limited to one sign per street front.
 Charity benefits, fairs, fund drives, revivals, and sporting events are allowed but cannot be illuminated or located within the right-of-way or block the site of motorist. These signs can be displayed for only 30 days.
Seasonal events such as parades, fairs, and festival can be displayed for only 14 days with in the event and must be removed 72 hours after the event takes place.
Neighborhood events can be placed five days prior to the event and must be removed within 24 hours after the event. What kind of event is this? Well a sign for National Night Out or a special neighborhood association meeting, a pool party are a few examples.
All of these signs can be up to 18 square feet!
Yard sale signs are perfectly fine  as long as they are not in the right-of-way or place on a tree, street sign, or utility pole. They must be taken down within 72 hours of the sale. You do not need a permit for a yard sale sign.
Political signs are okay as long as they are not illuminated and located within 8 feet from the edge of the street unless there are sidewalks. No signs can be placed in the street right- of- way. These signs can also not be taller than four feet or bigger than six square feet or attached to a tree or utility pole. Political signs can be placed 45 days prior to the election and must be removed 48 hours after the election. Any signs that violate these conditions will be removed.
Sign situations may be unique so if in doubt or simply curious, please access our City website under the Development Services tab or contact the Development Services Department at