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Apr 12

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4/12/2011 11:34 AM 

Digging in the dirt is a pleasure for some and work for others. But did you know that North Carolina law requires you to notify your area utilities at least 48 hours (two working days) in advance of an excavation project?

By simply dialing “811,” you can talk toll-free to the North Carolina One Call Center who will handle everything for you – except the digging part!

At no charge, North Carolina One Call will notify all your local utilities, including the City of Concord.  The utilities will then locate and mark their utility-owned underground facilities in the area of your dig. That way you or your contractor can be sure to avoid them when installing the new swimming pool, sprinkler system, or even trees and shrubs.

Remember:  calling before you dig doesn’t cost a thing, but not calling could result in property damage or serious injury.

North Carolina One Call Center, 811 or

Safety information from PSNC Energy 

Digging damage – know what to do
Natural gas is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic yet flammable substance. We add a “rotten egg” odor to help you detect a potential leak. Be sure you know the warning signs of a damaged natural gas pipeline:
  • Smell of rotten eggs
  • Hissing sound near the pipeline or natural gas appliance
  • Dirt or debris blowing from a hole in the ground
  • Persistent bubbles from a wet or flooded area in the ground
  • Vegetation over or near the pipeline is discolored or appears dead
DO NOT attempt to find the leak yourself. Leave immediately, go to a nearby phone and call PSNC Energy at 1-877-776-2427 and 911.