CDO Rewrite

What is the Concord Development Ordinance

CDO Rewrite Logo The Concord Development Ordinance is the zoning ordinance for the City of Concord.  It is local law that has been passed by the City Council to regulate land development activities within the City's jurisdiction.  In short, it regulates land use and form, as well as growth and development.  It defines the zoning categories in the City, outlines procedures for zoning changes, and specifies the types of permits that a person needs to obtain in order to build or develop land.  It also contains regulations that affect the subdivision of land thereby indicating the type, size, and characteristics of new residential and commercial subdivisions.  Additionally, the ordinance establishes the processes and procedures for reviewing development proposals.  It specifies what each proposal must contain such as the size of structures, the amount of parking needed, the types and amount of landscaping, the layout of streets and parcels of land, lighting, signage.  It also outlines environmental protection measures such as floodplain management and stream buffers.  The ordinance is one of the most important cornerstones of city government.


Rewrite Project

The City of Concord is currently engaged in a process to rewrite portions of the Development Ordinance.  Parts of the ordinance have become outdated and need to be aligned with the recently adopted 2030 Land Use Plan.  The ordinance also needs to be consistent with internal processes as well as to modernize some of the zoning practices.  Other goals are to reduce redundancies throughout the ordinance and make the text more user-friendly. 

Adoption of the Concord Development Ordinance in 2000 signified a tremendous improvement in its predecessor, the Concord Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.  However, with the current ordinance almost 20 years old, some improvements are needed.  

It is expected that the rewrite will be finished by the end of 2019.




Frequently Asked Questions About the Rewrite

Is the zoning map being redrawn as part of this "Rewrite Project"?

No, the zoning map boundaries are not changing.