CDO Rewrite

What is the Concord Development Ordinance?

CDO Rewrite Logo The Concord Development Ordinance (CDO) is the combined zoning and subdivision ordinance that regulates land development within the City of Concord.  The CDO provides zoning deistricts to be applied to property and specifies allowable uses for each district.  It also regulates, among other things, density, height, setbacks, signs and includes standards for parking, landscaping, and street layout.  The Ordinance also includes important environmental protection measures that govern stormwater management, stream buffers, and floodplain development. 


Why is the City Rewriting the CDO?

The CDO was initially adopted in 2000, but has been amended numerous times over the past 20 years. The adoption of the 2030 Land Use Plan in March 2018 brings the opportunity to review and revise the ordinance for cleanup and alignment with the new plan.  The CDO needs to be consistent with internal processes, and sections need to be modernized to reflect contemporary development standards.  Other goals are to reduce redundancies throughout the ordinance and to make the text more user-friendly and less cumbersome.


How is the City approaching the rewrite?

The City has retained Tindale Oliver and Michael Lauer Planning to assist staff, appointed, and elected officials in the rewrite of the CDO. A Planning Technical Team comprised of all three groups is guiding the work of the consultants.

The process will include three groups of drafts.  The initial draft covers changes to the permitted uses in Article 8 and has been prepared by staff.  Draft documents for group one topics are anticipated in the fall and some of the group one topic sections may be adopted prior to the adoption of the group two topic sections.

Phase I: Permitted Use Table

Feel free to provide your input concerning the Permitted Use Table.

Phase II: Group One topics:

Phase III: Group Two topics:

  • Block length and Transportation System Management consistency
  • Parking and loading standards
  • Special purpose district revisions
  • Complete street standards
  • Compatible land use transitions between districts
  • Development regulations from adopted facility plans
  • Tree preservation incentives
  • Alternative buffer standards
  • Specific use standards

Please check this page periodically for drafts as they become available, along with links for public comments.



1.  Permitted Uses:  Planning Commission discussion on November 19, with Council adoption and public hearing anticipated on December 12.   

2.  Group One Topics:  Planning Commission discussion tentatively December or January.

3.  Group Two Topics:  To be determined.


Stay Informed

To access the draft revisions for the permitted uses, please click HERE.

Email  to sign up for updates regarding availability of work products, public meetings, and review/adoption schedules. 


Background Documents

2030 Land Use Plan


Frequently Asked Questions About the Rewrite

Is the zoning map being redrawn as part of this "Rewrite Project"?

No, the zoning map boundaries are not changing.