Buildings & Grounds



The Building and Grounds Department is responsible for supporting the maintenance operations of city departments to ensure efficient and cost-effective services. The department is responsible for ground maintenance, building maintenance, HVAC/electrical, custodial, vacant lot mowing, street rights of way mowing, public housing grounds maintenance and operations of city owned cemeteries.


To efficiently maintain a clean, safe, productive and energy-efficient work environment for city employees and the visiting public which exceeds their expectations in the area of general maintenance and repairs to City-owned buildings, parks, greenways and rights of way.


Q. How can I purchase a cemetery lot?

A. You can contact the Collections Department at (704) 920-5238

Q. How can I find information on my family's cemetery lot?

A. Contact Jackson Joseph at Oakwood Cemetery, (704) 786-8212

Q. How can I report maintenance needs in the public parks?

A. Contact the Building & Grounds Department at (704) 920-5380