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Congratulations to the following Co-workers for reaching a service milestone in 2020!

High 5 for Excellent Service



High 5 for Excellent Service!


We will be known as an organization with a passion for providing excellent service and for showing we care about our community, co-workers, and customers.

If you observe a co-worker providing excellent service, please recognize them with a High 5 for Excellent Service.  Please contact any of the CSAT team members or email csat@concordnc.gov with questions!


Airport Staff Recognitions


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Officer Lopez  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg                                                                                                                                                              2/9/2020

Today Officer Lopez helped us here at the information desk at Concord Padgett Regional Airport. We had found a cell phone of an elderly gentleman with a medical alert. Due to Officer Lopez research he was able locate him and let him know we have his phone and where it can be picked up. Officer Lopez professionalism gave him great comfort. This device is more important than just a phone it serves as a medical alert for this man's health issues. Officer Lopez treated him with respect and care.
Rebecca Powell


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Britt Bradford  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
Staying over and helping myself and the green night team after his shift had ended. Due to being short handed.
Dakota Banks


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Topanga Allred http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
I have never been to Concord and Topanga helped me plan a fun trip. Topanga went above and beyond!! Thank you for all the help I appreciate it!
Jacquelin Ramirez


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Charles Correll  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
         Professional, Timeliness, Teamwork, Take Ownership
At the airport, our front desk is still open to the public to serve the needs of corporate and private general aviation. We have implemented procedures to keep customers a safe distance from the desk, but we wanted to add a plexiglass partition to one side to be able to better handle transactions safely. The same day that we asked our maintenance folks if they could help us with this, Charles came up to figure out exactly what we needed, went and got all materials, and had it installed before the end of the day. Thank you so much Charles for helping us out so quickly!
Kylie Kreun


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Darrel Burris  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
         Professional, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Take Ownership, Great Service
The guys in the wastewater department got a flat tire on the trailer near the Concord airport. Darrel saw them with the flat, he went above and beyond. He helped the crew remove the flat tire, took it to Fleet Services to replace the tire, and returned to install it back on the trailer.
Fleet Services

http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg   Charles Correll   http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg                                                                                                    5/26/2020
         Concern, Professional, Teamwork
Charles made sneeze guards for the airport customer service desk and other areas to help provide a layer of protection where customers check in, we accept payments or get airport information. The guards he made were designed to provide protection as well as to look very unique and professional. He researched the best place to find the materials and at the lowest price. He really went above and beyond with this project. Nice work.


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg   Josh Benfield (Fleet Services), Jason Denny (Aviation)  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
Josh and Jason showed great teamwork by helping me get ready to take my CDL driving test at the Brown Center.
G. King



Thank you for keeping our organization with running in this difficult time with your passion for providing excellent service and demonstrating daily how much we care about our community, co-workers, and customers.


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  City Coworkers  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
         Concern, Timeliness, Teamwork
Huge thanks to the 70+ city coworkers who showed up to donate much needed blood to our community. During this public health crisis it was great to see so many people step up and be of service in such a unique way. #TeamConcord!
Chief Gary Gacek






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