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High 5 for Excellent Service 

Ryan LeClear & Bill Sherill  

Concern, Professional, Timeliness, Customer Focus, Communication

Good Evening,

I just wanted to pass along how enjoyable it is to deal with two of your employees Ryan LeClear and Bill Sherilll. I have had the pleasure of dealing with these individuals through purchases on GOVDEALS.COM..I deal with many cities and communities throughout the region and rest assured no one offers better customer service than these two gentlemen! Whether it’s as simple as returning a phone call or giving directions two or three times they always make me feel as if I am the most important customer of the day. I firmly believe that employee reflect the wonderful spirit of the community they serve. Bravo to Concord for having such world class people!. If you ever just want to be reminded of what of what a wonderful city you represent just give these guys a call and you will see what i mean!....Thank you .......David McCorkle

David McCorkle



   Tony Emerson, Samantha Houghton  

      Customer Focus, Take Ownership

I need help getting a truck unstuck due to weather and 3 people helped me out. Tony and Sam ran the line without any issues and like clock work.

Dakota Banks




   Darrin Powe & Sandy Reynolds   


Going above and beyond helping me get a truck unstuck from the mud during a fence inspection. Came and helped push the truck while it was buried in mud.

Dakota Banks





Travis Eudy & Richard Burris   

         Timeliness, Teamwork, Take Ownership

Travis observed something out of the ordinary with an unknown vehicle driving up to an aircraft on the ramp. He found a co-worker, Richard, and then approached the vehicle and questioned the driver about their presence at the airport. They determined this was an unfamiliar pilot who wanted to load luggage on the aircraft before a flight but was not aware of security and safety rules. They then made sure airport police officer was contacted and the vehicle was escorted off the ramp ensuring this potential safety and security incident was resolved in the best manner possible.

Rob Walter


   Kylie Kreun  


As the Manager of the TSA Screening Operations at the Concord Padgett Regional Airport I would like to recognize the going beyond the call of duty effort of Customer Service Representative Kylie Kreun. Her keen situational awareness adverted a potentially major embarrassment for all parties associated with the Allegiant flight operations. Realizing that there had been a number of flight operations changes over the last couple of weeks in January 2019, Kylie just did not feel right about the upcoming weekend of February 8 -12, 2019.


Flight operations were not planned for late nights but with the most recent changes she took it upon herself to looking to see if there might be other flight changes everyone was not aware of for the weekend. Finding that there were other flights in the system that neither Trego-Dugan, TSA, Concord Police, or Concord operations were aware, she immediately reached out to everyone and advise them of the unannounced flights. Her actions allowed all parties to come together and coordinate appropriate support of personnel to work the unannounced flights for Allegiant. This alertness and actions by Kylie help the stakeholders of JQF to advert a major embarrassment of having an Allegiant flight arriving at the Concord Padgett Regional Airport and no one there to service, work, or screen the passengers. Her keen situational awareness is deserving of the High 5 aware of Concord.

-Dwain Wilkins


   William Sherrill, Drew Newell, Will Jenrette   

         Timeliness, Teamwork, Take Ownership, Great Service

Bill Sherrill was called back to the airport Friday night 2/22/19 around 7pm after a customer could not exit the parking deck due to the cc processor not accepting payments.


Will from Tech Edge came out and he, Bill and Drew worked to restore the system and install a new monitor. The customer had waited for over 20 minutes before getting in touch with customer service. Drew was able to get the gate arm raised for the customer to leave and the customer gave him his ticket.


Once the system was restored Bill took the customers ticket up to the pay station so he could test the system to see if it was working. The charge was for $30.00 which Bill paid on his own personal credit card to make sure the system was working.

They all worked diligently to get the system restored before the next commercial flight so we could process the payments.


Susan Green



   Dirk Vanderleest  

         Professional, Take Ownership, Great Service

Every so often TSA completes inspections of the airport perimeter fence to make sure the airport is meeting required security standards to have commercial airline flights. The perimeter fence at Concord-Padgett Regional Airport extends over 5 miles and goes through all kinds of terrain from between hangars, on pavement, through grass fields, hills, valleys, and swampy areas.


We have had substantial rain over the last few weeks so many areas along the perimeter fence are extremely wet and impassible with vehicles to complete the inspection.


Today, Aviation Director, Dirk Vanderleest put on his boots and safety vest and accompanied the TSA inspector on the inspection. He got out of the vehicle numerous times, walking over 3 ½ mile of the fence line through the mud, severe terrain changes, and briars to see for himself the condition of the fence and to set the example to other aviation department staff to see what it takes to complete an inspection, what to look for, and how to identify and report what needs to be fixed.


The TSA officer said he does not normally see the head person at an airport accompany him on inspections especially with what the conditions were today. He appreciated that Dirk showed interest, took pictures, and was going to take steps necessary to fix concerns he had.


Rob Walter



   Darrell Burris  

         Concern, Professional, Timeliness, Customer Focus

Today Darrell and I had to make a trip to Walmart. As we were getting ready to leave a lady asked Darrell if he knew where the transmission fluid was. Darrell showed the lady where it was located and even took the time to help her find the correct kind she needed and answered questions she had. Darrell simply could have pointed her in the right direction but went above and beyond doing that little extra to help out!

Drew Newell



   Cheryl Ketrow  


I'd like to recognize Cheryl for exceeding expectations and for outstanding research on hanar tenants.




   Chris Riley  

         Professional, Communication, Teamwork

I would like to thank Chris for his excellent teamwork!!! The airport is going through some staffing issues and Chris is always willing to help where ever he is needed. He is a valuable asset to the front desk and also on the ASW line. He always assists with a smile!!!! THANK YOU CHRIS!!!!!

Cheryl Ketrow



   Sandy Reynolds   


We've had a couple of people out of work this week due to sickness and Sandy has came in early and stayed late with very short notice in order to cover the times we needed coverage. She is always willing to help anytime you ask her to even when she is contacted at 4:30 am . She is a great team member and very much appreciated.

Susan Green



Customer Focus


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Elisha Marciano  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg

On my return flight home my credit card strip wasn't reading. I was parked in the daily parking deck. Elisha helped me out by using her own card to pay for my parking which was $12.00. She was very helpful and didn't seem bothered by helping me out.
Wendy (citizen)

http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Cindy Moylan  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
Great service. Always welcoming. Goes above and beyond. Makes sure we are taken care of at all times.

http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Cindy Moylan  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg

Awesomeness, Always smiling, always goes above and beyond to meet our needs. Fantastic person all around.
Stephen Bradley



http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Darrel Burris  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
Timeliness, Take Ownership

Darrel is always fixing things for the airport when it's broken. Sometimes he just don't ever get recognized. Thanks Darrel for always going above and beyond to always help with your team mates.
Red Team


 http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Stephen Cates  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg

I needed some assistance with processing a purchase order and Stephen was quick to respond and help me. He is willing to help out whenever needed.

Susan Green


Corey Dulin  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  
         Concern, Professional, Customer Focus 
We had a young lady that missed her flight on Allegiant and did not have anywhere to stay other than at the airport overnight. She did not have much money on her due to her baggage being on the plane and family 3 hours away. Corey made sure she was comfortable during the night by providing a blanket from the pilots lounge and went the extra mile by ordering her a pizza, personally paid for. I was really impressed with this act of kindness and going that extra mile!
Drew Newell


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg   Richard Burris  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
Richard goes above and beyond to make sure all needs of the customer are met. 
Jarrell Ryan


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg   Cheryl Ketrow  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
I stop at the FBO often and Cheryl is always helpful and smiling
Jarrell Ryan




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