Aviation Fees

All Aviation Department rates, fees, and charges at Concord-Padgett Regional Airport are set and adopted by City of Concord City Council at least annually as part of the City of Concord budget process.  FY 2020-21 FEES, RATES AND CHARGES SCHEDULE.


Aviation Fuel

The Concord-Padgett Regional Airport has enhanced its volume discount fuel purchase program increasing our Customer's savings on aviation fuel purchases.


AVGAS Volume Discounts


Two additional volume tiers have been added for 100LL purchases to increase savings up to .25 off per gallon and it now becomes easier to receive a discount with some tier level lowered.


 Fuel Gallons Purchased Volume Discount
30 to 50 $.10 per gallon
51 to 100 $.15 per gallon
101 to 150 $.20 per gallon
151 and over $.25 per gallon



We also participate in Airnav's AIRBOSS Discount Program!



Jet A Volume Discounts

For Jet "A" fuel purchases, customers can now save up to $.30 off per gallon and fuel purchase tier levels have been lowered as well to make it easier to obtain a fuel discount.


Fuel Gallons Purchased Volume Discount
300 to 600 $.15 per gallon
601 to 999 $.20 per gallon
1,000 to 1,500 $.25 per gallon
1,501 and over $.30 per gallon


Based Customer Discount

In appreciation of our based aircraft customers, we have raised the based customer fuel discount to $.15 per gallon. Based customers get the better of either the volume discount or the based discount, whichever is higher.  Based discount would be applied to based customer's first gallon of fuel purchased and up.




For questions of additional information on the volume discount program or contract pricing please speak to one of our Customer Service Specialists in the terminal lobby or call them at (704) 920-5901.


Current Fuel Prices are posted on the airports home page.




Airport Fees and Charges


Transient aircraft are charged landing fees based size of their aircraft broken down into six categories.  There are no landing fee waivers due to need to recover airfield maintenance costs. 


There are also charges for aircraft parked overnight at the airport dependent on aircraft size and where they are parked.  The first overnight ramp parking fee can be waived with certain fuel purchase. See the category list below.


We also offer overnight climate controlled hangar space in one or several large hangars.  Hangaring is based on space available on first come first served basis. Rates are set by size of aircraft in six categories.


Category I

Remain Over Night (RON): $15.00; Hangar In Common (HIC): $35.00; Landing: $12.00

All Cessna 100/200 Series Models, Tripacer, Colt, Comanche, Cherokee, Pacer, Musketeer, Bonanza, Mooney, Rockwell Commander, Lance, Arrow, Cirrus.

 Fuel purchase of 10 gallons will waive the RON. Landing Fee is currently being waived for category 1 aircraft with fuel purchase.


Category II


$20.00; HIC: $40.00; Landing: $20.00

Cessna 310, 335, 336, 337, 401, 402, 411, 414, 421, - All

300's/400's, Aztec, Apache, Navajo, Twin Comanche, Duke, Baron, Duchess, Seminole, Seneca,

Aerostar, Saratoga, Malibu.

Fuel purchase of 25 gallons will waive the RON.  Landing fees are not waived.


Category III

RON: $35.00; HIC: $75.00; Landing:$50.00

Kingair, Twin Beech (D-18), Queenair, Aero/Grand Commander, Cheyenne, Turbo-Commander, ConquestMU-2, Metroliner, Merlin, Caravan, Jetstream, Avanti, Pilatus.

 Fuel purchase of 50 gallons will waive the RON.  Landing fees are not waived.

Category IV

RON: $75.00; HIC: $125.00; Landing: $75.00; Ramp $75.00.

Lear, Citation, Jet-Commander, Saber-liner, Hansa, Lodestar, Westwind, Starship, Diamond, Beech Jet, Falcon 10, Astra, Premier, Beach 1900, Beachjet 400, Hawker 700, Hawker 800, Hawker 1000.

Fuel purchase of 100 gallons will waive the RON/Ramp Fees.  Landing fees are not waived.


Category V

RON: $100.00; HIC: $175.00; Landing:$110.00; Ramp $100.00.

 Falcon 20, 50, 200, 900, G-I, II, III, IV, V,

Jetstar, DC-3, DH-8, Shorts 360, SAAB 340, Challenger, Twin Otter Challenger 601, Challenger 604,

Regional Jet, EMB 120, ERJ 135, 145, Galaxy, ATR 42, Fokker 50.

Fuel purchase of 200 gallons will waive the RON/Ramp Fees.  Landing fees are not waived.


Category VI

RON: $150.00; HIC:$300.00; Ramp $150.00. Landing: based on aircraft gross landing weight: ($2 per 1,000 LBS)

 DC-8, DC-9, 727, 737, BAC1-11, Convair 440, 640, 580, MD80, Global Express, Saab 2000.

Fuel purchase of 300 gallons will waive the RON/Ramp Fees.  Landing fees are not waived.



RON: $25.00; HIC: $75.00; Landing: $25.00. Fuel purchase of 10 gallons will waive the RON. Landing Fees are not waived.


Aircraft Registered and paying tax in the City of Concord, but not based at CRA will receive based tenant landing/ ramp fees and fuel discount.






Monthly Hangar and Tie Down Rates





Open Tie down:


Category I $ 80.00/month

Category II $ 105.00/month

Category III $175.00/month

Category IV $250.00/month

Category V $300.00/month

Category VI Negotiated








T-10 $280.00/month

T-40 $310.00/month

T-50 $415.00/month


Other Common Aviation Rates and Charges:




Baggage Handling Fee



$ 4.00/passenger ($200.00 Minimum Charge)


Auxiliary Power Unit

$15.00 Engine Start Only; $10.00/ 15min. of Continuous Use


Wash Rack

$10.00 single; $15.00 twin


Self-Maintenance Hangar

$5.00/hour (Reservations required-more than 24 continuous hours requires Aviation Director Approval)


Lavatory Service

$65.00 per lav


Helicopter Platforms

$75.00/month or $10.00/day





Airport ID Badge Fees and Charges



 All individuals requiring unescorted access "inside the fence" at the airport must obtain an airport ID Badge for the areas they will be accessing.  There are different badge types depending on the access required.  Badge Application can be downloaded, filled out by the individual, signed by the designated "Authorized Signer" and delivered in person to the Airport administration office where individual will be required to show ID and pay appropriate badge fees. 


Most badges are good for two years except Construction Badges and Temporary Badges which are good for 12 months. 



AOA Badges Fees

Initial Airport ID Badge Fee              $30.00

Proximity card fee (for gate access) $10.00  (if required)


Annual Vehicle Decal Fee                  $12.00  (if required)

Badge Renewal Fee                            $30.00 (every 24 months)

Lost or Damaged Badge fee                  $25.00  

Un-returned Badge fee                       Up to $250.00 



SIDA Badges  (For Airline Operations Areas)

Initial Badge Processing fee:              $50.00



Badge Renewal Fee                            $50.00 (every 24 months)

Lost or Damaged Badge fee                  $25.00  

Un-returned Badge fee                       $250.00







We also participate in Airnav's AIRBOSS Discount Program!