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Customer Focus


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Elisha Marciano  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg

On my return flight home my credit card strip wasn't reading. I was parked in the daily parking deck. Elisha helped me out by using her own card to pay for my parking which was $12.00. She was very helpful and didn't seem bothered by helping me out.
Wendy (citizen)

http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Cindy Moylan  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
Great service. Always welcoming. Goes above and beyond. Makes sure we are taken care of at all times.

http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Cindy Moylan  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg

Awesomeness, Always smiling, always goes above and beyond to meet our needs. Fantastic person all around.
Stephen Bradley



http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Darrel Burris  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
Timeliness, Take Ownership

Darrel is always fixing things for the airport when it's broken. Sometimes he just don't ever get recognized. Thanks Darrel for always going above and beyond to always help with your team mates.
Red Team


 http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  Stephen Cates  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg

I needed some assistance with processing a purchase order and Stephen was quick to respond and help me. He is willing to help out whenever needed.

Susan Green


Corey Dulin  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg  
         Concern, Professional, Customer Focus 
We had a young lady that missed her flight on Allegiant and did not have anywhere to stay other than at the airport overnight. She did not have much money on her due to her baggage being on the plane and family 3 hours away. Corey made sure she was comfortable during the night by providing a blanket from the pilots lounge and went the extra mile by ordering her a pizza, personally paid for. I was really impressed with this act of kindness and going that extra mile!
Drew Newell


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg   Richard Burris  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
Richard goes above and beyond to make sure all needs of the customer are met. 
Jarrell Ryan


http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg   Cheryl Ketrow  http://intranet.coc/images/saw_a_star/Star_sm.jpg
I stop at the FBO often and Cheryl is always helpful and smiling
Jarrell Ryan




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