Engineering FAQs


* Who do I contact regarding a construction project that is planned for future construction?
                 Contact Enrique Blat, PE

* Who do I contact about a project that is currently under construction or about current construction Standards & Specifications?
                 Contact Gary Stansbury

* Who can I talk to regarding a City of Concord Driveway permit?
                 Contact Adam Dagenhart

* Where can I find information about the current City of Concord Water & Wastewater connection charges?
                 This information can be found at the City's Finance Department Page, City Budget under the current fiscal year's Fees and Charges Schedule (PDF)

* What about the Water & Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County's [WSACC's] Capital Recovery Fee?  Is this separate from the City's Fee?
                 Yes, and this can be found by contacting WSACC at

* Who do I contact if I have questions about a sewer system extension and/or modification of a permit or the status of a water/wastewater permit application ?
                  Contact Sherri Moore

* Where do I go if I want to check the status of a plan review or the status of approval of a subdivision or commercial site plan that has been submitted to the City of Concord?
                  Go to the Development Services Department's Plan Review Database On-Line Access

* Who do I ask about the availability of municipal water and/or sewer on a property of interest?
                  Contact  Adam Dagenhart