Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for processing payments to vendors for goods and services provided to the City.

Division Supervisor:
Kristin Roe (704) 920-5230

Vendor Information:

The Accounts Payable Staff is divided by the alphabetical listing of the Vendor's name.

Below is a breakdown of the alphabet and corresponding Account Clerk.


Name of Vendor Begins:



A - H

Debra Navey



Ashley Baker



Mike Sta Ana



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often are payments processed?

A. On Friday of every week, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday weeks.

Q. Can I pick up my check?

A. No, City policy requires the checks to be mailed.

Q.  Is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) available to my bank account?

A.  Yes, call (704) 920-5217 to request an authorization form.  The form must be completed and returned with a voided check.  All requests will be verified with the vendor prior to processing an electronic payment.  See the Authorization form for more details. 

Q. When can I expect payment?

A. Invoices are paid according to the terms stated on vendor invoice.  If terms are not stated on the invoice, we assume terms of net 30 days.

Q. What is the turnaround time to receive a check?

A. The invoices along with the approval from the department must be received by Accounts Payable by 5:00 PM on Tuesday to be considered for payment on Friday of that week.