Sample Bill (move mouse over bill for description)

New Bill Design

The new utility bills contain more detailed information that customers have been requesting. (Especially Commercial and Industrial Customers). 

Electric Charges

For residential customers, charges for electric usage from all meters are summarized on the bill.  Energy is billed in blocks according to usage.  Consumption from 1 to 350 kwh is billed in the first block.  Above 350 kwh, the customer is billed in the second block, which is typically a higher rate.

Energy First Block – The cost for the first 350 kwh used
Energy Second Block – The cost for any kwh over 350
Facility Charge – This is the basic charge (charged to all customers.)

For commercial and industrial customers, electric energy charges are split into consumption and demand charges on the bill.

Water Charges

Charges for water consumption from all meters are summarized on the bill.  Water is billed in 3 blocks according to usage.
(residential inside customers example) 

Water block 1 is billed from 1 - 6000 gallons - $0.005080 per gallon
Water block 2 is billed from 6001 – 9000 gallons - $0.006610 per gallon
Water block 3 is billed from 9001 and above - $0.008140 per gallon
Water flat bill is the charge for the size of meter that the customer has.


Information for different sections of utility bill

Meter Information

The Meter Information section of the bill shows the basic meter reading information. This includes the types of service, meter numbers, previous and current dates, number of days,  type of reading (MR = meter reading), Meter readings, meter multiplier, consumption, billing units, and bill code.

Left side of bill

Highlighted Line
Special account information highlighted in yellow, example, “Thank you for your prompt payment” or warnings dealing with late payments.

Billing Summary
Shows detail of any payments, adjustments, past due and total due.

Budget Billing
Shows Budget Billing information (only if customer is on Budget Billing Plan).

Usage History
Shows total 12 months usage per month and day for metered services.

Right side of bill

Payment Information
The top area shows payment information, previous balance, adjustments, payments and any past due amounts.

Service and Charges
This section shows a detailed break down of the types of services and charges. This is determined by the monthly meter readings and fee schedule.

Total Charges
This area shows current charges, account balance and any kind of arrangements such as payment arrangements and budget billing.

Bill Type Area
This area shows various information about your account. It shows your account type , bill date, due date, amount due and the payment type

This area contains important messages, helpful hints and other information concerning your utility services.

Bottom Section

Payment Stub
This section needs to be returned with your payment. It provides your account number, amount due and the date that the bill is due. It also shows your current phone number that we have on file. Please correct in the space provided if incorrect.