Fire Logistics

Fire Logistics 

The Logistics Section supports the mission of the Fire Department by providing supplies and equipment for fire suppression, emergency medical response, haz-mat response, and technical rescue to 10 engine companies, 3 ladder companies, 1 rescue company, 1 ARFF company, 2 battalions, and all divisions. This support enables the department to respond and mitigate all emergencies effectively. Logistics is also responsible for maintaining and supplying 191 employees with uniforms, protective clothing, supplies, and materials, such as helmets, gloves, boots, turnout coats and pants.

Logistics is also responsible for management of facility maintenance for 10 fire stations and associated structures, including household and office necessity.

Logistics constantly strives to enhance its capabilities and service through the use of technology; including electronic submission of requests for supplies, equipment, materials, and repairs to facilities. This allows the Logistics Section to respond quickly to requests.

Repairs to self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), nozzles, and hydraulic tools are repaired or coordinated by Logistics.



Public Information Officer 


One of the Core Values of the City of Concord is Communication. The Fire Department works diligently to uphold this value by openly communicating with our shareholders. The Public Information Officer assures that positive, informative and accurate releases are delivered to media reporters and social media networks.  Please follow our social media outlets for both incident and prevention awareness. For media relations concerning the Fire Department, please contact Allyson Sigmon or City of Concord Public Affairs and Projects Manager Peter Franzese

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