Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to burn trash outside in a burn barrel?

No, it is illegal to burn trash in the City of Concord. The only outdoor fires allowed are for cooking purposes.

Why do fire trucks go to medical calls?

Fire stations are strategically deployed throughout the community to provide trained personnel on the scene of a fire or medical emergency within 5 minutes 90 percent of the time. Situations such as heart attacks require rapid medical intervention within the first 4-6 minutes to improve the chances of a successful outcome. Firefighters provide medical care prior to the arrival of Cabarrus County EMS and then assist paramedics until the patient is transported.

My smoke alarm is making a "chirping" noise. What is wrong with it?

The battery is low. Replace the battery immediately. Remember ot test your smoke alarm once a month and change the battery when you change your clock to and from daylight savings time.

Where can I get a listing of the phone numbers for fire stations?

For safety and security reasons, we are unable to provide the individual telephone numbers for the fire stations. We want to ensure that emergencies are reported to the 911 system for the fastest and most efficient emergency response. Non-emergency issues will be handled on an idividual basis through the department's main telephone number 704-920-5516, Monday-Friday between 8:00-5:00.

Does the City of Concord have volunteer firefighters?

No, the City of Concord does not have any volunteer firefighters. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter please contact the nearest volunteer department to your residence.

Does the Concord Fire Department fill swimming pools?

No, the department is unable to fill swimming pools. Consult your phone book for water companies which may provide this service.