Youth Basketball


Youth Basketball

Youth Basketball Registration Form

Registration Dates:
September 1-30
Playing season runs November-March



                                                                      ONLINE REGISTRATION





Registration will also be available at Academy Sports & Outdoors: Kannapolis location on Saturday, September 29 from 11 am - 2 pm



2018-2019 3-4 Instructional Rules

2018 - 2019 5-6 Co-Ed Rules

2018 - 2019 Age 7 & up Rules


2018-2019 Youth Basketball Parents Meeting PowerPoint


2018-2019 Basketball Information Sheet






Youth Sports Survey

2018-2019 Season SKILLS ASSESSMENT:

*Players 7 & up can come to the Academy Recreation Center on either day listed below during the allotted time frames.  Skills assessments will take approximately 30 minutes.

Saturday, October 20 from 9 am - 12 pm

Monday, October 22 from 6 pm - 8 pm

Please note: there are no skills assessments for the 3-4 or 5-6 year old age groups.


Youth Basketball Schedules: 

3-4 Instructional League

5-6 Co-ed

7-8 Boys

7-8 Girls

9-10 Boys

9-10 Girls

11-12 Boys

11-12 Girls

13-15 Boys

13-15 Girls

Basketball Picture Information:

Show Me Your Teeth Picture Pre-Order

 Team Picture Schedule





Youth Basketball  



Questions or Suggestions for the Athletic Dept. contact us at 704-920-5617 or email


 ATHLETIC INFORMATION LINE : 704-920-5640 for updates, cancellations, etc. 

 This Information Hotline will be updated by 3:00pm Friday afternoons. If you call the line and it indicates games to start at expected times, a game time decision will be made as to the playing conditions. You should go to the field to see if your game has been canceled.



Youth Basketball Facility Locations  



Interested in Coaching call 704-920-5619 


Interested in Sponsoring a Team call 704-920-5619

Sponsorship Agreement


 The Youth Basketball Program offers you and your child a quality basketball experience for a nominal fee.  Fee includes uniform which child gets to keep.  Youth basketball season operates November through March.  Pre-registration is required within the dates listed.  Practice times are established by the coaches according to their schedule and availability of courts.  Games are held on Saturdays.  Games will be officiated by qualified officials.  The goals of this program are to build the child's self esteem, teach the skills of basketball, building good relations among peers (also between parents & children) and to create a fun atmosphere.



Age calculation as of August 31 of the Registration Year

3&4 Instructional Divison:  This division is designed to introduce players to organized sports.  Rules are simplified, team rosters are reduced, and playing season is compacted to allow maximum exposure in a limited time frame.  All games and practices in this division are on Saturdays. Games and practices will last for 1 hour.


5&6-7&8 Division:  This division begins developing fundamentals for each specific sport.  Rules are modified to present the optimum playing experience for novice participants.  Practices and games are on week nights or Saturdays.

9&10 Division:  This division builds on basic fundamentals of given sport.  Rules are slightly modified to present optimum playing experience for participants with limited exposure.  Practices and games are on week nights or Saturdays.

11&12 and 13-15 DivisionsThese divisions are designed to promote teamwork, sportsmanship and advance fundamental development.  No rule modifications.  Practices and games are on week nights or Saturdays.


Youth Basketball Information:

To build the child's self esteem
To teach the skills of basketball
To build good relations among peers (also between parents & children)
To create a fun atmosphere

Fun is first!
Your child has the opportunity to play in each game.
Instruction before competition.
No league or individual standings.
No trophies for "Winners Only"
Each child is a winner.

Practice times are established by the coaches according to their schedule and availability of facilities. Games are held on Saturdays.


3&4 Instructional Clinic

5&6 Co-Ed

7&8, 9&10, 11&12, 13-15 (Girls)

7&8, 9&10, 11&12, 13-15 (Boys)


$40.00 registration fee for City of Concord Residents
$60.00 all other participants 

Registration Sites:  Academy Recreation Center at 147 Academy Avenue, Hartsell Recreation Center at 60 Hartsell School Road, Logan Multi-Purpose Center at 184 Booker St, SW in Concord.

For more information, contact the Athletic Office at 704-920-5617 or 704-920-5618
Call the ATHLETIC INFORMATION LINE at 704-920-5640 for updates, cancellations, etc. 


Youth Scholarship Policy/Procedures