Livable Community Plan


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Cabarrus County and the cities and towns of Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg and Mt. Pleasant have planned a multi-jurisdictional parks and recreation master plan. Staff members from the recreation and planning departments and the managers’ offices of each jurisdiction met over several months to discuss and map out the master plan process.The term "Livable Community Blueprint" was chosen as a title for the project (rather than "Parks and Recreation Master Plan") to reflect the broadened scope, which was expanded to include parks, greenways, leisure and recreational facilities, open space and bicycle and pedestrian transportation routes.

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A Plan for the Future of Parks and Bicycle/Pedestrian Transportation

Livable Community Blueprint Report


Title Page

Planning Team

Table of Contents

1.   Executive Summary

2.   County-wide Action Plan

3.   Planning Components

4.   City of Concord

5.   City of Kannapolis

6.   Town of Harrisburg

7.   Town of Mt. Pleasant

8.   Mail-Out Survey

9.   County-wide Summary

10.  Subdistrict 1 - Northwest

11.  Subdistrict 2 - North

12.  Subdistrict 3 - Northeast

13.  Subdistrict 4 - Central

14.  Subdistrict 5 - Southwest

15.  Subdistrict 6 - Southeast

16.  Bibliography

17.  Apendices


  1. Park Models and Facility Standards
  2. Resource Inventory
    1. Exiting Public Parks
    2. Exiting Public Facilities
    3. Inventory of Undeveloped Properties
    4. Inventory of Quasi-Public and Private Facilities
    5. Inventory of Subdivision Facilities
  3. Needs Assessment
    1. Park Needs Assessment Tables
    2. Facilities Needs Assessment Tables
    3. Park and Facility Needs Summary
    4. Park Acreage Summary
  4. Park and Facility Costs
  5. Park Prototype Cost Analysis
  6. Facility Prototype Cost Analysis
  7. Parks Priority Model
  8. Workshop Questionnaire Results
    Summary of Workshops
  9. Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Guidelines
  10. Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan Priorities Cost Analysis
  11. Bicycle and Pedestrian Routes-On Road and Off Road Mileage Tabulations
  12. Proposed On-Road Bicycle Routes - Mileage Tabulations