Street Addressing

The Planning & Neighborhood Development Department is responsible for assigning house numbers, building numbers, apartment numbers, suite numbers, and street names in the City of Concord and areas of Cabarrus County that are within the City's Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).  The department also coordinates the street names and block ranges that appear on street signs.







Addressing Ordinance

The Addressing Ordinance gives specific information about how an address number should be displayed at a home or business. The important components of the Addressing Ordinance are as follows:



The City's planning department is responsible for assigning road names to streets and address numbers to houses and businesses in the city limits of Concord and the City's extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

The information contained on street name signs is coordinated by the planning department.


Address numbers shall be displayed on the front of the building (facing the street to which it is addressed to) or at the entrance to the building.


If the building is more than 100 feet from the road, or if the address number is not legible from the road, then the address number shall be posted at the driveway entrance.


Residential address numbers need to be at least 3 inches in height.


Commercial address numbers need to be at least 6 inches in height.


The address numbers need to be a contrasting color to the background upon which they are mounted.  For example, black numbers mounted on a white background shows good contrast.


Certificate of occupancy cannot be issued on new buildings until the address number is visible.


Street Listing

The Concord Street Listing (shows all street names and address ranges in the city limits of Concord).


Open Street Listing


Open pdf version





On-line Forms

Request to Name a Street (for new developments in the planning phase)

Request to Rename a City Street

Request to Rename an NCDOT-maintained Street



Other Information

Division of Motor Vehicles

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