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Every ten years the United States Census Bureau counts the total number of persons residing in the United States.  This is mandated in the United States Constitution in order for each state to provide adequate representation to the United States House of Representatives.  Census enumerations are used by the federal and state governments to help allocate and distribute funds locally.  In addition to the census every ten years, the Census Bureau conducts many other types of surveys on an ongoing basis, such as the American Community Survey which is collected annually.  

Concord's Planning & Neighborhood Development Department routinely provides various types of statistical and mapping data to the Census Bureau.  This data pertains to city limit boundaries, annexations, construction activity, street informatioin, and address locations.  In return, data and estimates generated by the Census Bureau are a valuable resource to the City.  The City Planning and Neighborhood Development Department use data from the Census Bureau for general planning purposes as well as for business and economic development initiatives.

A decennial census is a special census that the Census Bureau completes every ten years (on years ending with a zero).  This consists of a complete count of all persons residing in the United States.  As a result of the decennial census, the Census Bureau provides a large amount of publically accessible data that has value in areas of demographic analysis, population estimates, business, and economic development.  Visit the Census Bureau's web page to learn more about the decennial census.

Specific information that residents submit to the Census Bureau is held in complete confidence by the Census Bureau, and is not made public.  The Census Bureau aggreates individual responses up to large geographic areas and releases generalized statistical information at those larger areas. 

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Census 2020

Data collection for the Census 2020 has completed.  Visit our Census 2020 page for more information.




Census 2010

Data from the 2010 Census is the most recent decennial data available from the Census Bureau.



2010 Demographic Profile Data

2010 Census Data Products


American Community Survey (annual)

The Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) is an ongoing survey that provides data on an annual basis -- giving communities the current estimates they need to plan for various investments and services. Information from the survey provides data that help determine how more than $675 billion in federal and state funds are distributed each year.

Only persons who receive a letter from the Census Bureau are invited to respond.  The survey will ask questions pertaining to:

  • age
  • gender
  • race
  • family relationships
  • income and benefits
  • health insurance
  • education
  • veteran status
  • disabilities
  • where people work and how they get to work
  • where people live and how much they pay for certain living essentials

This detail is combined into statistical estimates that are used to help communities make decisions about all sorts of things, such as school lunch programs and new hospitals.  To learn more about the American Community Survey, click here.  

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Demographic Data

Census American Community Survey (2018) - Demographic and Housing Estimates - Web Page | Download pdf

Census Profile of Concord - Web Page | Download pdf


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