2015 Land Use Plan

The 2015 Land Use Plan serves as a planning tool to guide the development of land within the City.  On May 10, 2007, the Concord City Council approved several revisions to the 2004 Land Use Plan.  Unlike planning laws in some states of the nation, the development of a Land Use Plan is not mandated by the State of North Carolina.  However, the City Council recognizes the important connection between planning and wise utilization of resources along with organized growth.  Additionally, the plan serves to protect the assets of the City by promoting good land development regulations.

Small MapThe Land Use Plan is advisory in nature.  Although not a binding document, it shall be used  as a tool to help decision makers guide development.  The plan is based around existing and planned infrastructure and depicts what will make the best economical sense for the taxpayers of the City of Concord. 

Although designed as a 10-year plan, the Land Use Plan is subject to change at any time since it is not a regulatory controlling document.  As land is developed and the needs of the community evolve over time for the general population of Concord and City Council, periodic updates will be necessary to keep the plan current. 

There are eight (8) general goals identified in this plan.  These goals are identified below:


1. Balance of Land Uses
2. Vehicular and Pedestrian Connectivity
3. Sustainable Community
4. Preservation of Unique Character
5. Compatible Land Uses
6. Adequate Infrastructure
7. Farmland, Natural Resource and Open Space Preservation
8. Linking Plans and Strategies

If you have any questions regarding the Land Use Plan or would like to provide any comments about the future of land use development in Concord, please feel free to contact the us at 704-920-5149 or via email at ashleyk@concordnc.gov or the City of Concord’s Planning and Community Development Department’s main number at 704-920-5152.

Time line of Land Use Plan
Adopted by City Council June 8, 2004
Revision adopted by City Council May 10, 2007

Land Use Plan







Land Use Plan

Entire document containing all sections below




Cover Page

Cover and Title Page


Land Use Plan Map

Small Map


Table of Contents



Executive Summary



Chapter 1

Introduction and Overview


Chapter 2

Issues & Trends


Chapter 3

Goals, Objectives, and Implementation Strategies


Chapter 4

Future Development


Chapter 5A

Existing Land Use


Chapter 5B



Chapter 5C



Chapter 5D



Chapter 5E



Chapter 5F



Chapter 5G

Natural Resources


Chapter 5H



Chapter 5I

Existing Plans


Appendix A1

Land Use Plan Questionnaire (page 1)


Appendix A2

Land Use Plan Questionnaire (page 2)


Appendix A3

Land Use Plan Questionnaire (page 3)


Appendix A4

Land Use Plan Questionnaire (page 4)


Appendix B

Major Concerns from Public Meetings


Appendix C

Public Meeting Schedule


Appendix D

Population Data by Census Block Group, 1990-2007


Appendix E

Employment by Industry and Occupation


Appendix F

Park Area Requirements