NC 73 Corridor Plan

The NC 73 Transportation/Land Use Corridor Plan is a coordinated land use and multi-modal transportation plan for a 35 mile corridor.  This plan is sponsored by three counties, five municipalities, various planning organizations, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation's Planning Branch.  It is an innovative project, for implementation jointly by the local governments and NCDOT, integrating the local jurisdictions land use plans with strategic regional transportation needs.  

In general, corridor plans are long range plans which help design a safe and efficient transportation system in the local community.  They are developed in collaboration with local jurisdictions along the route, along with the vast number of users of the route. They identify improvements which may ultimately update, support, and refine the State's Highway System Plan.  This process enables local agencies to consider the state system when building or revising local Comprehensive Plans. The plan also defines route continuity, access management, and multi-modal improvements.  The plan also recommends specific improvements and helps to prioritize them.

Time line for NC 73 Corridor Plan
City Council adopted a memorandum of understanding June 2004
Plan was completed September 2004

NC 73 Corridor Plan

NC 73 Final Report

NC 73 Technical Appendix

NC 73 Charrette Final Presentation