Concord Pkwy (US 29) / US 601

The Concord Parkway (U.S. Hwy 29) / Warren C. Coleman (U.S. Hwy 601) Small Area Plan was adopted by the City Council in May of 2007.  This plan addresses the future market demands for retail, commercial, open space, and residential uses within the study area for the following twenty years.  The vision of the plan establishes a unique character for the area through architectural, streetscape, and development/redevelopment opportunities which are based in market realities.  The plan promotes a walkable, pedestrian-friendly environment.  It recommends a diverse range of residential housing opportunities to accommodate a population with varied ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  A variety of parks, plazas, recreational open space, and greenway network is recommended.  The plan's flexibility is designed to accommodate economic changes and allows for incremental growth.  A series of interconnected streets is provided to relieve traffic congestion, especially on the major thoroughfares, and to promote a safer more efficient driving environment.  This plan has officially been made a part of the Concord Land Use Plan.


Concord Pkwy (US 29) / Warren C. Coleman (US601) Small Area Plan:

Concord Pkwy (US 29) Warren C. Coleman (US601) - Presentation

Concord Pkwy (US 29) Warren C. Coleman (US601) - Plan Document

Concord Pkwy (US 29) Warren C. Coleman (US601) - Market Analysis

Time line of the plan
Contract awarded to consultant January 12, 2006
Charette November 21, 2006
Public Meeting December 5, 2006
Revision April 2007
Made a part of the Concord Land Use Plan May 10, 2007