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Ridges at Concord (Walton North Carolina LLC) - Odell School Rd


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Carolina Thread Trail

The Carolina Thread Trail is a greenway system that will eventually connect Concord to other communities within the 15 counties of the Charlotte region.



Land Conservation Easement Program

Cabarrus County land owners may implement a conservation easement on their property to permanently limit development of the land. As a result, land is preserved in a natural state or as farmland. Tax benefits may be realized by implementing a conservation easement.



Livable Community Blueprint

The Livable Community Blueprint is a county-wide plan that takes into consideration that every citizen who resides in Cabarrus County should have access to quality parks and recreation services regardless of where they live in the county.  With the existing differences in levels of parks and services, the goal of this plan is to provide recommendations that will afford convenient parks and recreational services to all.



Envision Cabarrus

The Envision Cabarrus project is an effort sponsored by a partnership of local governments in Cabarrus County and the Regional Chamber of Commerce to develop a vision for the County that citizens want to have in twenty years.  It serves as a legacy that citizens would leave for the next generation.  The plan was written in October 2001.


Cabarrus County Central Area Plan




What is Planning?

Planning, also called urban planning or city and regional planning, is a dynamic profession that works to improve the welfare of people and their communities by creating more convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive places for present and future generations.  more info...

What Do Planners Do?

Professional planners help create a broad vision for the community. They also research, design, and develop programs; lead public processes; effect social change; perform technical analyses; manage; and educate. Some planners focus on just some of these roles, such as transportation planning, but most will work at many kinds of planning throughout their careers.  more info...

How Are Planners Educated?

Planners generally possess bachelor's or master's degrees in geography, urban & regional planning, public administration, GIS, or landscape architecture.  The City of Concord Planning & Neighborhood Development Department has 17 staff members.  These positions include executive assistants, zoning technicians, planners, geographers, and information systems specialists.  The department employs 4 staff members who are certified planners by the American Planning Association, and has 5 staff members who have master's degrees in the field of planning, geography, and public administration.  more info...