Why I Serve

"I was not hired by an agency when I went through Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET), so when I graduated I was kind of like a free agent. I was in the hiring process with three different agencies, including the Concord Police Department. I eventually picked Concord because I felt at home here. I had met several people from this agency while I was in BLET and I liked the positive and general good attitudes they possessed. I felt like I fit in with the values of the agency and it was somewhere I could make a career. Since then, nothing has changed for me. It remains a perfect sized agency because it’s small enough that you know most everyone who works here but it’s large enough that you get the benefits of a mid-sized agency. I can’t imagine working anywhere else." 

                                                                                                                -      Master Police Officer Steven Zollars

"My name is John Parker and I am currently a Patrol Sergeant.  I have worked for the Concord Police Department for twelve years.  I chose to work here after speaking to recruiters at a larger department and feeling like I was just going to be another number there.  The people at Concord are friendly and personable.  Concord Police Department offers me a challenging and rewarding career in law enforcement.  There are a wide range of areas to work in from patrol to investigations, traffic, field training, school resource, etc.  There are also opportunities for advancement.  We have the latest equipment and some good training opportunities.   We also offer career development that allows you to get pay raises for going to training and applying that training in field performance.  The people are friendly and bend over backwards to help you.  A career here can be very rewarding."

                                                                                                   -      Sergeant John Parker


"Initially, the reason that I chose to apply with the Concord Police Department was because I lived in Concord, but more importantly, I knew other officers from the department and they all seemed to enjoy working here so that was my biggest indication that I too, would be happy here.  Being a Police Officer for the City of Concord has been a blessing and one of the best decisions that I have ever made; I only wish that I had done so sooner. The city’s population and continued growth also spurs growth in our agency, which in turn, provides more opportunities for officers to experience the many facets of law enforcement.  Currently, I am a School Resource Officer and absolutely love coming to work every day. When I decided that it was time to leave patrol in order to gain a new experience and different perspective, it was extremely difficult, but now I find the same to be of my current position. In any instance, one thing remains the same; the people that I have come to work with, to know and to serve, have always helped me to understand why it is that I decided to undertake the responsibility of being a police officer and everything that it encompasses. It sound so cliché but to protect and serve, and being able to make difference in the process is one of the perks of being a police officer with the City of Concord."

                                                                                                        -      Officer Nicole Johnson


"I chose to work for the Concord Police Department because while I was growing up in Concord I met some exceptional Concord Police Officers and was grateful they were the ones catching the criminals.  I had the desire to be that person who could respond to emergencies.  As I grew older and decided I wanted to be a Police Officer I chose Concord Police Department because the patrol officers could do a variety of work ranging from answering calls to serving warrants.  I am currently a School Resource Officer at Concord Middle School.  My main focus is to keep the staff and students safe, and also try to be a positive role model for the students.  I have personally gained self-confidence while working at the Concord Police Department, and that was during my time as a K9 Officer in which the department and victims depended on me and the dog to catch criminals.  Also, I was provided personal and professional support from the Department during a family conflict. This demonstrated that the Department cares about its employees.  Throughout the remainder of my career at the Concord Police Deprtment I want to seek opportunities to broaden my interactions with people, and apply myself within the different aspects of policing."

                                                                                                 -      Master Police Officer Scott Medlin


My name is Angel Gonzalez, and I have been with the Concord Police Department for over five years. I am currently assigned to the Patrol Division. I love my profession now just as much as I did when I started.  During my time as a patrol officer, the Concord Police Department has allowed me to attend various training courses such as investigations courses and other police related course that I have shown interest in.  I would not want to work anywhere else. 

As a Concord Police Officer, I have had the opportunity to investigate a large variety of crimes that I am passionate about.  The thing about the Concord Police Department is that if you are working a case, no matter how severe and are moving forward with the investigation, you can work it!  I have heard officers from other agency say things like “I work patrol, all I do is answer calls for service.”  That is not the case with the Concord Police Department.  As a patrol officer, on numerous occasions, I requested help from experienced investigators and even the Administration and never have I been turned away.  I have always had the resources I need to accomplish my job.  The Concord Police Department is a rapidly growing city. However, it seems like everyone knows everyone within the agency. The people I work for and the people I work with genuinely care about my family and me, and that means the world to me.  I just had a supervisor help me put together my career development packet, if my packet is approved I will receive a pay increase.  I was busy working cases, and I asked for his help!  In Concord I don’t feel like a number, I feel like I am part of a team and I am glad I took an oath, here!

                                                                                                                                                  Thanks, Concord!

                                                                                                                                -     Master Police Officer Angel Gonzalez