Criminal Investigations Division


Captain John Tierney

Criminal Investigations Division Commander

Phone: 704-920-5065


The Criminal Investigations Division shall be responsible for providing the Patrol Bureau with operational support through the investigation, relentless follow-up, and case management of felony crimes that are complex and severe in nature; providing forensic and other crime scene services; assisting in the collection and storage of evidence and other property coming into the department’s possession; managing property control and identification processes and records; and investigating any other crimes as directed by the Chief of Police.


Captain John Tierney grew up in Concord and graduated from Concord High School in 1990.  Tierney then graduated from UNCC with a degree in Criminal Justice in 1995.  He initially worked for IBM upon graduation but soon realized that his heart was not in it, so he decided to start his career in law enforcement.  In 1996 he was hired by the Concord Police Department.  From there he attended Basic Law Enforcement Training and upon graduation, was assigned to the Patrol bureau.

Although Captain Tierney has served in every major bureau in our department, the majority of his time has been spent in investigations. Tierney spent his first two years with the Department on patrol and then transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division where he spent the next 9 years. In 2008 Tierney left investigations to gain some valuable experience in both the Operations and Patrol bureaus, and after doing so he returned to Investigations in 2018 as a Captain.

Captain Tierney received both his Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate and his General Instructor certification from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission. He is one class away from completing the FBI LEEDA trilogy and he has attended hundreds of hours of specialized law enforcement training at various agencies and institutions, throughout the state.