Multi-Family Housing

For more information about services to multi-family housing, call the Customer Care Center at 704.920.5555.

  • Multi-family housing includes any apartment or group of apartments, townhomes, condominiums, and developments which include duplexes and/or other multiple dwelling units that have indirect access from a public right-of-way that have 6 or more dwellings. These are classified as a commercial multi-family development for waste disposal purposes regardless of the number of parcels occupied, the configuration of the property/zoning lines, or the number of owners.
  • Multi-family housing is classified as a commercial enterprise and is required to utilize dumpsters and pay for the container rental, waste disposal, and recycling services.
  • Multi-family housing does not receive City-provided yard waste, bulky waste (including building material), garbage, or recycling services.
  • The City will provide technical assistance in implementing a recycling program for multi-family housing if requested by the owner/manager. The cost to implement and maintain a multi-family housing recycling program will be entirely at the expense of the housing complex’s owner/ manager.
  • Multi-family housing complexes can request bulky item collection by the City or the City’s waste contractor for a fee. Please call 704-920-5555 for more information or to schedule a collection.