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Concord Development Ordinance (CDO) and Technical Standards Manual

Pollution Ordinances 


SCM (Stormwater Control Measure) Inspections

As part of the compliance requirements of the Phase II Stormwater Program mandated by federal and state governments, Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs), previously known as Best Management Practices (BMPs), were required to be installed to capture and treat storm water runoff from your property when your project was developed.  These SCMs were designed to allow pollutants in the runoff to be filtered prior to release from your property.

State guidelines were used when these SCMs were designed and installed.  As part of these guidelines, regular inspection of components of each water quality treatment measure, or SCM, and detention structure, is required. Any deficient elements in the SCM should be corrected, repaired, or replaced immediately.  These deficiencies can affect the integrity of the structures, safety of the public, and the pollutant removal efficiency of the SCM.

All Annual Inspections must be completed using the online system.