Public Education and Outreach

The purpose of the public education and outreach program is to distribute educational materials to the community, conduct public outreach activities, raise and improve public awareness on the causes and impacts of stormwater pollutants and inform citizens on steps and measures they can take to prevent stormwater pollution.

School, Community and Civic Groups Presentations

Our Environmental Educator regularly visits school, community and civic groups to discuss stormwater runoff and pollution prevention. Departmental representatives frequent community events and festivals to improve stormwater outreach. Concord maintains an informational website which is updated regularly and develops and maintains a series of educational literature on stormwater issues. Further, our Educator regularly posts educational stormwater topics to the City Hall Blog and submits stormwater-related press releases to local news media in addition to articles published in the City Circular, Concord’s quarterly magazine.

Enviroscape, Concord 101 and Civic Education

The Stormwater Services Department has an Enviroscape model which is used to demonstrate stormwater runoff and its effects in a visual and interactive way. The Enviroscape is often demonstrated for school, civic and community groups and is always used for Concord’s Civic Education and Concord 101. Civic Education is a program in which our Educator visits every 3rd grade class in the City, and most classes then visit the Brown Operations Center where they participate in an Enviroscape demonstration. Similarly, Concord 101 is a course open to all Concord citizens who visit the Brown Center to learn about the entire Stormwater Services Department, as stormwater issues and pollution prevention. The Concord 101 visit also includes an Enviroscape demonstration.


Earth Day Celebration

Each year, Concord partners with Cabarrus County to host an Earth Day Celebration. City & County employees partner with vendors and community groups to educate citizens on a range of environmental topics, including stormwater issues and pollution prevention, in a festival-type atmosphere.


Regional Stormwater Partnership

Further, Concord is a member of the Regional Stormwater Partnership, a consortium of seventeen city and county governments in the greater Charlotte, NC region that work together to improve stormwater outreach and education efforts. The partnership has recently utilized billboards, brochures, radio & television advertisements and regular Waterwise segments on WCNC news.