Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs)

Under constuction...


New design requirements:

-  We are now requiring you to submit the NCDENR Submittal Forms with your design calculations.  These can be found on the NCDENR BMP Manual website under the corresponding chapters.

-  When submitting plans for final approval, you must submit a full set of the final stormwater calculations.


As-Builts submittals:

- You must also submit the NCDENR Submittal Forms with your as-builts.  We will need a copy of the design calculations and of the as-builts.

As Built Checklists
Bioretention 45.69 KB
Dry Detention45.04 KB
Sand Filter33.61 KB
Storm Filter76.56 KB
Underground Detention45.01 KB
Wet Pond46.56 KB
Wetland41.68 KB