What we do

  • Maintain all drainage ditches and stormwater pipes within City ROW.
  • Respond to service requests to evaluate drainage problems.
  • Use street sweepers on all streets with curb and gutter to help capture pollutants before they enter streams.
  • Map drainage features (ditches, pipes, streams) throughout the City with GPS.
  • Clean pipes using jet vac equipment to eliminate blockages and maintain flows.
  • Inspect pipes and enclosed drainage features with camera truck equipment to identify blockages and deteriorated pipes.
  • Engineering Plan Review of drainage systems for new development to ensure compliance with City standards and stormwater Phase 2 requirements.
  • BMP inspection to ensure proper operation and ongoing maintenance.
  • Review as-built plans for stormwater infrastructure and BMPs to ensure standards are met.
  • Monitor stormwater BMPs on at least a yearly basis to ensure compliance with Phase 2 requirements. 
  • Conduct educational sessions for school groups, civic organizations, neighborhood groups, and other interested citizens on stormwater pollution.
  • Monitor City operations for compliance with stormwater standards.

Maintain Drainage Systems

Flood prevention efforts depend on the community’s cooperation and assistance.  Grass clippings, branches, leaves, debris, and trash can accumulate and block natural and man-made drainage channels.  For example, a plugged drainage channel, catch basin, ditch, detention pond, or drainage pipe cannot carry water away from your property during heavy rain events.  Properly installed and maintained drainage systems are important in controlling and managing the flow of water on a property.  Maintaining these drainage systems is imperative to their proper function.  

The City of Concord also maintains drainage systems in the right-of-way and in City-maintained easements.  If these drainage systems become blocked, they may not function as designed.  Reporting blocked drains is important in managing the flow of water in the right-of-way.  Citizens may report damaged or blocked drainage systems by calling the City's Customer Service Department at 704-920-5555.

As a benefit to our citizens, the City of Concord offers a service to provide advice regarding drainage issues outside the right-of-way and City-maintained easements.  At the request of a property owner, we will provide communicative or on-site consultations and advice to address a drainage system issue. Please be aware that due to specific property characteristics the assistance provided may be limited. You should always consult a private professional before determining any course of action. Please contact our City’s Customer Service Department at 704-920-5555 to request a consultation. Please note that the City will not get involved in disputes between property owners.