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 Detials of Current Construction or Delays to be aware of:



Construction Delays I-85 Widening Construction

*Visit http://tims.ncdot.gov for latest updates from NCDOT


Construction DelaysPermanent closure of Corban Avenue at rail crossing.

Motorists traveling in Concord will no longer be able to use Corban Avenue SW cross the railroad tracks near the Cabarrus Avenue Roundabout. NCDOT will permanently close Corban Avenue SW at the at-grade rail crossing, which will improve safety. The closure will accommodate construction of the new Cabarrus Avenue Bridge over the railway. In March, NCDOT announced that a $4.5 million contract was awarded to Blythe Development Co. to replace the existing bridge tracks, which was built in 1917. Structural work is scheduled to be finished by Sept. 14, 2014, with final vegetation work complete by March 11, 2015. To get the latest regional traffic updates from NCDOT, follow their Twitter feeds @NCDOT_Charlotte and @NCDOT_I85.