Backflow Prevention

The City of Concord will be going forward with submitting Backflow testing reports electronically. To become a new certified tester for the City of Concord's Backflow Program, please contact the Backflow Department to schedule a Certification Class. Electronic report submittals will be a requirement for all testing conducted by the City of Concord after February 1, 2017. We will not accept backflow test reports by fax, mail, or hand delivered copies after this date.




Each backflow prevention assembly that is required must function properly at time of installment. Each customer will be required to test, maintain, and repair each assembly required which is a part of the customer's private water system. A certified backflow prevention technician may only conduct such test. Testing shall be done immediately following installation of any backflow prevention assembly and on an annual or semiannual basis depending the degree of hazard.


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