How to Read Your Water Meter

There are two types of water meters in the City of Concord, a Hersey Meter and a Badger Meter. Both are highly accurate and dependable water-measuring devices.  Like reading the odometer on your car, you can also read your water meter by recording all numbers form left to right including any zeroes to the right of the movable numbers.  

Hersey Meter

The sweep hand on the meter makes one complete revolution for every seven and one half (7 1/2) gallons of water used. 



Badger Meter

Let it cycle through the screens until the screen below is showing.  This is the screen where you can read your usage and check for leaks.  If you multiply the numbers showing on this screen by 7.5, that will tell you your usage in gallons.


Checking for Leaks:

Make sure no water is running in your house, then go outside and open up your meter box.  

Hersey-Meter: While viewing the glass dial on your water meter you can observe a small red triangle. If it is moving slowly, this can be an indicator of a leak somewhere in your system.

Badger Meter: While viewing the screen in the picture above, you will see a small line.  If this line is moving clockwise and creating a square, this tells you there is water going through your system.


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Meter maintenance:

The City of Concord has a meter program that requires your meter to be checked periodically to be sure that you are receiving the best and most accurate services possible.  Meters that are in need of repair will under-register rather than over register.  The meter is driven by the water consumption; there is nothing mechanical inside the device.  If you feel strongly that your meter is your problem area you can request a meter testing.  The charge for the test is $50.00, if the meter fails and proves to be dysfunctional you will not be charged the fee.  If the meter passes the test, the fee will then be added to your account. 

Converting your reading to gallons:

The City of Concord's water meters are in 100 cubic foot readings. You may choose to convert your usage to gallons.  You can do this by multiplying your usage by 750 (the number of gallons in 100 cubic feet).  


For questions or concerns on your water meter, please feel free to contact:

Richard Shue, Water Meter Service Supervisor
or (704) 920-5349  

City of Concord
Water Resources Department
635 Alfred Brown Jr Court SW
PO Box 308
Concord, NC 28026 (704) 920-5342