Dear Customers,

The City of Concord has an ongoing commitment to our customers to invest in technologies that keep our city running. As a result, we have made the decision to upgrade our electric and water infrastructure. We are calling this project “Smart Community” because it will lay the groundwork for new benefits for the City for decades to come.

The City of Concord is pleased that this project places customers first and will help us to provide the best possible service to the community. These new electric meters and upgraded water meter technology will help us restore electricity faster during outages and detect water leaks. This new infrastructure will also enable us to offer new tools and technologies to help our customers better manage their electric and water usage. As a result, customers will be able to monitor their electric and water use online to keep track of their usage patterns and trends.

We spent a significant amount of time researching the technology and reviewing projects completed by other utilities, as well as best practices nationally. We also recently underwent a pilot to help prepare for the delivery of this technology to the community, and we will keep customers aware of the deployment process and information as we progress.

We are excited to take this next step to continue our commitment to providing the best possible service, while ensuring that our customers are receiving continual improvements and up-to-date technology.


Brian Hiatt
City Manager
City of Concord