Why is the City of Concord upgrading my electric meter and/or water meter technology?

We at the City of Concord are committed to providing the best service and investing in technology that helps us better serve our customers. That’s why we have launched the Smart Community program, which includes the city-wide upgrade of our electric and/or water meters for those we service. The new advanced meter technologies will offer you a number of immediate and long-term benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Faster electricity outage response and/or improved detection of water leaks
  • Faster bill resolution through our call center for those with electric and/or water usage-related questions
  • A greener city and reduced carbon emissions by requiring fewer trucks on the roads
  • Future online electric and/or water management tools for our customers

Starting June 1st, all customers will receive a new advanced electric meter and/or upgraded water meter technology.

Do I have to pay for my new electric meter and/or to upgrade my water meter technology? Will this cost me anything?

We are upgrading your electric and/or water meters as a benefit to you and there is no additional cost to you for this new technology.

Is everyone in the City of Concord receiving meter upgrades?

Yes, every customer that receives electric and/or water service from the City of Concord will be receiving a new advanced electric meter and/or upgraded water meter technology.

What if the City of Concord provides only one service, not both my electric and water?

The City of Concord will only be upgrading the meter(s) they service. For example, if your electric service is through another company, you will only receive the water meter upgrade from the City of Concord.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for these meter upgrades?

If anything is blocking your electric and/or water meters, we ask that you clear a safe path for our installers. Otherwise, there is nothing you need to do to prepare for this exchange.

What should I be aware of while the worker is upgrading the meter(s)?

We will call you in the weeks prior to your meter upgrade(s). Then, our installers will knock on your door before any work is done so that you can prepare for the possibility of a few minutes without power; there will be no interruption to your water service.

If you are not available, your meter(s) will be upgraded without disturbance. If we cannot access your meter(s), we will leave a door hanger behind with instructions on how to schedule an installation. If you have any questions about the installment, please call us at 877-650-7098.

I am a renter. Should I inform my landlord about this change?

If you rent your home or business, it would be helpful if you could inform your landlord that the City of Concord is upgrading its electric and/or water meters. They do not need to do anything.

Are advanced meters safe?

The City of Concord is committed to 100% safety for all of its customers. The advanced meters we are using run on wireless technology, similar to the technology that powers other devices around your home or business. These devices are all permitted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If you have any questions or concerns about the safety or security of the technology we are installing, you can visit our Resources page to learn more.

What if I do not want a new electric meter and/or upgraded water meter technology?

All City of Concord customers will receive a meter upgrade. If you have any questions about your:

  • Electric meter upgrade, contact Chris Greene at 704-920-5316
  • Water meter upgrade, contact Meche Foster at 704-920-5342

Will my data be safe and secure?

The City of Concord puts every customer in our community first. This means, every action taken ensures the utmost safety and security of each customer. We follow the most rigorous guidelines for data security and privacy and are committed to the safety of your data. For more information, please visit our Resources page to learn more.

How can I be sure the installer is authorized by the City of Concord?

The City of Concord is using an installation partner, NexGen, to help upgrade its electric and/or water meters. These installers will wear identification from both the City of Concord and NexGen. All trucks and vehicles associated with the installation will be clearly marked City of Concord and NexGen.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about advanced metering technologies, visit concordnc.gov/smartcommunity or call us at 704-920-5555.

Si usted necesita recibir esta información en español, favor de llamar al 704-920-5555.