Protecting Our Water

Water Conservation

Concord is located in the Rocky Watershed and the Yadkin-Pee Dee river basin.

Only .003% of Earth’s water is available for human consumption.  And a much smaller percentage than that is available to Concord.  Water is a vital resource for all life, and the City of Concord encourages its citizens to use it wisely and efficiently.  

Water-conserving lifestyle

Pollution Prevention

One way to prevent water pollution is to make sure only rain enters our system of storm drains, pipes and ditches.  Stormwater can pick up pollution as it runs off lawns, streets and parking lots.  To learn more about common types of stormwater pollution and how to prevent it, visit

Home water use is another preventable source of water pollution.  While cleaning and bathing, we add chemical contaminants to the water that, sometimes cannot be removed by wastewater treatment.  To prevent pollution via wastewater:

  • Never flush or dump unwanted cleaning products, household hazardous waste (make use of the Cabarrus County Household Hazardous Waste Facility) or pharmaceuticals (render un-useable and throw in the trash or take to a medicine drop box near you). 
  • Get informed and use only non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products in the first place.  The Environmental Working Group has an excellent website where you can learn what’s safe and what to avoid, with consumer guides specifically designed to help you practice safe personal care and cleaning.